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Shanghai is Working With Tesla to Push FSD Software: FSD Begins to Roll Out In China

Tesla FSD is beginning to roll out in China and Shanghai is supporting this effort.

Tesla FSD in China

Giga Shanghai is getting support from Shanghai city for Tesla as its FSD software begins to roll out in China. Shanghai will further deepen its cooperation with Tesla as Tesla is including self-driving and robotics in the city, according to a local official.

China is an enormous market for FSD (full self-driving). There is about 1.5 billion people there and Tesla vehicles are very popular. There is also the Model Y and Model 3 only as vehicles for sale right now. Eventually, Tesla will have a compact car with two variants and an even smaller and less expensive cars available.

All of this means a massive market remains untapped for FSD and Robotaxis. This is also good for the economy in China as it makes more and more people able to travel and use vehicles as eventually, a Robotaxi will cost much less than an Uber ride.

Shanghai is going to build a technology industry cluster with the core technology advantages for a global market, according to Chen Kele, the Deputy Director of Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Division at Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

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Support for Roll Out

There was a recent tour of the local media in Shanghai, which Chen mentioned in a media briefing. He also didn't directly mention Tesla's FSD software, however, there was a hint of support from a Chinese official about Tesla's FSD.

Tesla is a pioneer among all EV companies, not just in production, but in software and services and the push for FSD. Autonomous driving progress has been slow in China, and China is wanting this to change.

Tesla is going to begin a large scale FSD test in China. Every Tesla vehicle comes with basic Autopilot and software and safety systems that make a Tesla vehicle very safe. China shouldn't be concerned about the safety of FSD - you still must pay attention and take over and the driver is liable - but FSD has gotten much safer over the last few years.

Shanghai is a very important technology hub and for China to stay competitive in the adoption of autonomous vehicles, it is going to have to work with Tesla and make sure to cooperate and encourage the use of its FSD software.

What do you think about Tesla FSD in China - will it eventually become widespread there?

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