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Serena Williams and Alexis Cohanian Storm Miami In Foundation Series Cybertruck: See - Tesla Doesn't Need to Advertise!

Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Cohanian, were seen in Miami, Friday, in their #3 Foundation series Cybertruck. Whether they realize it or not, they are giving Tesla millions of free advertising views.

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Serena Williams and Alexis Cohanian

If you're going to get a Tesla Cybertruck, be prepared to get a lot of attention. Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Cohanian, were spotted at a party on Friday in their Foundation series Cybertruck, #3 of 1,000 that are produced of the Cyberbeast version. They are giving Tesla a bunch of free advertising by being seen with the Cybertruck. Alexis was seen earlier in the week with the special "LA" decal on his truck.

Alexis Cohanian Cybertruck

They aren't the only celebrities giving Tesla free advertising. Spike Lee was recently seen by a Cybertruck and said he has an order for one.

Jay Leno was also seen driving one that was his buddy's Foundation series Cybertruck, #5. When you add up all the views these celebrities are giving Tesla, it could be in the tens of millions or more.

I think Tesla doesn't need to advertise with what the Cybertruck is doing for the business. And this is just the first few hundred!

Every single share on social media is free advertising for Tesla.

Every single share of a video is free advertising for Tesla.

Every single share from word of mouth is free advertising for Tesla.

Watch the views on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and X, single posts have hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Then, multiply this across thousands upon thousands of posts, videos, and conversations. That's a ton of free advertising for Tesla.

The looming question remains, though - who has the #1 of the 1,000 Cyberbeast Cybertrucks that are being made. It almost makes me feel like whoever comes forward with that will generate a lot of buzz and interest if they decide to go public with the information.

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Foundation Series Cybertruck

The Foundation series Cybertrucks are a special set of Cybertrucks. Only 1,000 are going to be produced for the Cyberbeast version (tri-motor) and the AWD (dual-motor) version. After that, it's just regular Cybertrucks for the rest of us.

The Foundation series Cybertrucks are also more expensive, but come with a plethora of add-ons and accessories. They are $120,000 for the Cyberbeast version and $100,000 for the AWD version. They all come with lifetime premium connectivity and FSD.

Some of the accessories include special laser engravings of "Foundation series" and a 3-headed Cerberus, along with white decor and an off-road light bar.

It's a nice bonus - the accessories and FSD - for getting one of these special Cybertrucks. I think anyone that has one will be able to have a collector's item one day. I think Jay Leno will keep one in his garage as a memento, and I could even see a museum putting one in some day.

With all these free views on the Cybertruck for Tesla, it makes me wonder if Tesla really needs to do any advertising at all. The Cybertruck is producing a halo effect around Tesla and all its vehicles, and I think this will boost sales.

In the meantime, check back for more Tesla news and if I spot any more celebrities with their Cybertrucks, I'll be sure to share.

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What do you think about these pictures of Serena Williams and Alexis Cohanian? Are they giving Tesla millions of free advertising views?

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Image Credit, Sawyer Merritt, Screenshot

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