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New Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck Seen Up Close On Test Track

We see the latest video of the new Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck on a test track at Fremont.


Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck

We have some of the latest updates and video of the new Tesla Roadster and the Cybertruck. They are looking fantastic and this version of the Cybertruck looks like it will be the final production version.

We can also see a ton of other Tesla vehicles from a logistic lot in Fremont here:

Tesla sure is testing a lot of vehicles, and I wonder why we are seeing so many sightings of the Cybertruck lately. I think it is because Tesla is getting ready to release it soon, and we may be in for a surprise with Tesla releasing it before Q3 of this year.

The videos of the new Roadster and the Cybertruck look amazing, and I can't wait to see them on public roads.

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When Will the Roadster Be Released?

Tesla is doing validation of its vehicles and the one thing that stand out to me here is that the new Roadster. The Cybertruck also has a very deep dashboard.

New Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck Seen Up Close On Test Track

The Cybertruck still has a giant windshield wiper on it, and Elon Musk has even said that he wants to re-engineer this. So far, that hasn't happened.

On the Cybertruck, you can clearly see what looks like a removable section of the truck bed. Many are hoping that there will be a big storage area under there. There might not be any pillar storage, however.

How much do you think the Cybertruck will cost - will it be under $80,000?

For the full video, see this from Chile AI100:

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