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Model Y Vehicles In Midnight Cherry Red: Stunning

We see the first deliveries of Model Y vehicles in midnight cherry red arriving at the Ottersberg/Bremen area. They are stunning.

Tesla Model Y: Midnight Cherry Red

We see the first pictures of the midnight cherry red color on Tesla Model Y vehicles at the Bremen service center in Germany, and the color is stunning.

These vehicles arrived at the Tesla Ottersberg/Bremn service center in Germany recently, and you can see the spectacular color from many different angles.

You can see in this picture, with a midnight cherry red Model Y, a picture of Maye Musk during her trip to Germany where she also had a tour of Giga Berlin.

Maye Musk: midnight cherry red Model Y

It is expected that Giga Berlin will eventually reach a production rate of 1 million Model Y vehicles per year.

One way for Tesla to make its vehicles unique is to offer different paint options. Because Tesla is only building a single model for a vehicle segment, such as sedan or SUV, the only way you can distinguish your Tesla is by choosing a different color or getting a wrap for your vehicle.

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New Model Y Vehicles

Tesla Model Y vehicles being built in Germany have the new midnight cherry red as an option, as well as the quicksilver color, which also looks stunning.

Tesla will most likely keep advancing its paint colors and technology in order to offer more alternatives to someone who wants to distinguish what their Tesla looks like. I also think that the German market appreciates the new colors as well.

Recently, it was announced that Giga Berlin - the place where these midnight cherry red Model Y vehicles are made, has reached a 5,000 per week production rate of its Model Y vehicles.

This is an incredible feat, considering the factory opened up just a year ago. Tesla is an expert at manufacturing, and Elon Musk has even said that this will be Tesla's primary advantage.

What do you think of the new midnight cherry red Model Y vehicles?

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Image Credit, Tesla Bremen, Screenshot