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Juniper Model Y Shows Some Big Differences - Much More Aero Dynamic And Thinner Headlights

There's some project art of the new Juniper Model Y and what it will look like, and there are some big differences.

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Recent Project Art of Juniper Model Y

There's a recent project art of the new Juniper Model Y and what it will probably look like and one things stands out in this vehicle: It's much more aero-dynamic, and the headlights are thinner. It has a more sleek look, like a bigger Model 3 Highland.

There's also a black trim around the wheel wells and rocker panel, which some worry might be extra parts that Tesla doesn't need to add.

Behind the scenes, it certainly seems like Tesla is preparing for this new Model Y vehicle, as there is a ton of Model Y discounted inventory.

I am willing to bet that all locations: Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin, Giga Texas, and Fremont are going to work to retool for this new Model Y. It is worth it for Tesla to take even a few weeks to retool production because if the Juniper Model Y is a significant upgrade like the Model 3 Highland was, it's going to increase total future sales.

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Preparing for Next Gen Vehicle

Tesla needs to do all they can over the next couple of years while they get ready for the next growth phase of the company. Simply keeping existing models the way they are and trying to sell them will keep Tesla going at much slower growth, but it isn't a smart move.

Releasing a Juniper Model Y is a smart move and will further cement the Model Y as the worldwide best-selling vehicle that it is.

I like the look of this new Model Y, and it makes sense to replicate in the Model Y what Tesla did in the Model 3.

That means you can expect a rear screen in the Juniper Model Y. You can expect the steering wheel stalks to go away. You can expect there to be a slight range increase for existing models due to aero-dynamic efficiencies.

The biggest question mark is if Tesla will have a better battery overall to use in the new Model Y. The only way we will know is when the new range numbers come out for it.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a 5% range increase all around. After all, the Model 3 Highland went up to 341 miles of range for the long range (up from 333). I expect to see the Juniper Model Y come out late this year (Q3 or Q4) at Giga Shanghai first, then rolled out to North America sometime in 2025.

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What do you think about the new Juniper Model Y? Is it going to look like a bigger Model 3 Highland?

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Image Credit: CarWow UK via Nic Cruz Patane

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DeanMcManis (not verified)    February 12, 2024 - 9:50AM

The Juniper Model Y is inevitable. But timing for its release will be critical. Tesla kept the announcement of the Highland Model 3 under cover right up until the time of release, and delayed the U.S. release for several months after the Asian and European markets because it did affect sales of the previous Model 3. Tesla lowered the price of the Model 3 prior to their announcement, and they kept the M3 Performance model with the previous battery chemistry to keep federal funding, and make that model attractive to buyers despite a new model being released. (I am still eager to see the new Model 3 Performance). It seems to me that Tesla will take a similar approach to the release of the Juniper Model Y for Asia, Europe, and eventually the U.S. The outside changes to the Highland (and likely Juniper) are relatively small overall, so it can be seen as a refresh more than clean slate redo of the EVs. But from what we know many of the changes to the refreshed models relate to manufacture, aimed at keeping production costs down. Even though American legacy automakers are not really raising the bar for competition against Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y, Hyundai and Chinese EV automakers are posing a larger threat to Tesla's long standing EV market dominance. First abroad, but soon in the U.S. as well.