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New Images Unlock The Secrets of The Tesla Semi Battery Packs

We have some diagrams that show the insides of the Tesla Semi - we see the battery packs and axels. It's really interesting to see.

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Battery pack inside the Tesla semi

We have a Tweet thread showing the inside of the Tesla Semi and its battery pack, along with other parts. Let's go over it:

The first thing we see is a battery pack at the bottom of the front part of the Tesla Semi. This battery pack is rated at 1000 volts. The DUs are cooled with mega cooling modules. The axles are called: Torque and Efficiency.

There is some other important information listed with the Tesla Semi:

It's front axle has a GAWR (gross axel weight rating) of 12,600 lbs. The tires are 275/80R22.5. The Rims are 22.5 x 8.25 and the cold tire pressure is listed at about 45 psi.

For the int axle, it has a GAWR of 18,100 lbs., The tires are 275/80R22.5. The rims are 22.5 x 8.25 and the cold tire pressure is 45 psi.

For the rear axle, the GAWR is 18,100 lbs. The tires are 275/80R22.5. The rims are 22.5 x 8.25 and the cold tire pressure is 45 psi.

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Other parts inside the Tesla Semi

There is other information about the Tesla Semi. The battery pack is modular - a set of squares under the semi - a 3 x 3 block. There are 3 subpacks that you could possibly disconnect if you wanted and maybe Tesla will offer lower range trucks with that?

There was a question about the FSD sensor suite. A Twitter user responded that it's hard to get a good picture of that, but there is a front bumper camera and then a separate washer for windshield camera as well.

The pictures of the Tesla Semi come from the Electronic Parts Catalog. There are no gears in the Tesla Semi - it is a purely electric semi that you drive just like any other Tesla. It's always on. You just shift to Drive, Reverse, and Park.

There is a mega charger port on the semi, located just behind the driver side door, that can be used to fast charge it at Megachargers.

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Image Credit, GreenTheOnly, Screenshot

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