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Elon Musk Shows Off Cybertruck Production Line - An Endless Line of Cybertrucks As Customer Deliveries Near: Plus Exclusive Photos At Event

Elon Musk just shared a photo of an endless line of Cybertrucks, and, we have all the photos and details at the event. Tesla will begin customer deliveries to get to 250,000 Cybertrucks produced per year. This will take about 12 to 18 months to reach.

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Endless Line of Cybertrucks

Elon Musk just posted a picture of what looks like an endless line of Cybertrucks. Many have thought the Cybertruck would be a flop. There have been concerns about the price and range. But what isn't a doubt anymore is that deliveries start in about an hour.

Here is a picture and description of the Cybertruck's windshield, manufactured with a layer of Borosilicate glass, which makes it 15% lighter and more resistant to scratches and better at reflecting light.

Cybertruck windshield glass

Here is a picture of the front drive unit of the Cybertruck. This features an electro-mechanical differntial lock for off-roading and produces more than 300 horsepower.

Tesla Cybertruck front drive unit

There are many people who have responded to Elon Musk's post on with the line of Cybertrucks. It certainly looks like it is an AI generated image, but I think this is really a production line.

We also got our first glimpse of the storage underneath the bed of the Cybertruck - it's a good size.

Cybertruck under bed storage

Brian Krassenstein, an AI and technological journalist on says,

"Amazing. I find it kind of amusing that the media is trying to convince the public that the Cybertruck is going to be a flop. I guarantee you all that this vehicle will be one of the best selling vehicles over the next 3 to 4 years."

He also goes on to say,

"Everyone who sees one wants one immediately. I think the market is massively underestimating how popular these will be."

We have a picture of a Cybertruck on the assembly line in one of its stage before completion. It shows part of the steel exoskeleton, with wheels and doors yet to be put on.

Cybertruck on assembly line

Another "influencer", Tristan Tate, has this to say,

"I'm not going to lie this looks like an AI generated photo, too fututistic to be 2024. I wasn't sold onto the cybertruck when I first saw it. But this is literally one man moulding modern times into the sci-fi world of the future. I'll buy one next year. Impressed."

My opinion is that it is incredible how much Elon Musk and Tesla can create amazing and unique cars. Tesla is the ultimate risk taking company and I think that's why they are successful. Who else would have thought to build a truck like this with a bulletproof steel exoskeleton?

There is also a picture at the event of a Cybertruck without an outward steel exoskeleton, revealing the inside workings of the Cybertruck.

Cybertruck without outward frameYou May Also Be Interested In: Tesla Model Y Leaves Two Jeeps "In the Dust" in Sand Dunes Race

Volume Production in 12 to 18 Months

The Cybertruck delivery event is about to start and I will be watching it live with up to date articles sharing what is happening. I think Tesla has worked very hard to get to this point, and I think we'll see some nice reveals of the Cybertruck.

The front subframe assembly of the Cybertruck can be seen here. This is the drive unit that enables steer-by-wire. This is an electrical-wired connection that communicates the driver's commands to the vehicle.

Cybertruck steer by wireI expect to see the range of the dual motor variant around 300 miles - more if efficient tires are configured, less if more performance related tires are configured.

This video on shows Sandy Munro driving some other people in a Cybertruck:

The tri motor, "beast mode" variant will be interesting and should include a launch option, just like the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Interestingly enough, the beast mode Cybertruck will have 845 horsepower and features a rear drive unit with dual induction machines.

Cybertruck beast mode

We should see a bulletproof test on the stainless steel exoskeleton.

Elon Musk will most likely drive up to the event in a Cybertruck.

The event will probably not start on time, as is typical with any Tesla event (outside financial quarterly results).

I'm looking forward to seeing drone shots of the Cybertruck production line in Giga Texas. This is a massive change from all other Tesla vehicles and with the accessories team providing add-ons, the complexity is going to be off the charts.

For those wanting a powered frunk, you will get your wish as Tesla shows off the powergate, which has one of the longest LED lighting elements on any passenger vehicle in the world.

Tesla - first powered frunk

We should expect to see volume production around early to middle of 2025. Tesla has really gone all out to show the complexity and feature set of the Cybertruck at the delivery event.

This picture of the Cybertruck air suspension shows just how massive the air suspension is for the Cybertruck: 420 liters of air!

Cybertruck air suspension

In regard to the battery, we can see the structural battery pack with seats on top of it here. Tesla has not built many vehicles like this yet, but this should be the standard going forward with any new Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck structural battery pack

In under an hour, the delivery event starts - are you ready?

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What do you think of this production line for the Cybertruck? Is this an AI photo, or did Elon Musk really get a photo of the production line?

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Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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