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Driving a Tesla Across the Country on a Road Trip

We have a video from someone who drove their Tesla Model Y vehicle across the country in the U.S. on a road trip. Here's how it went.


Road trip across the country in a Tesla

This past summer, Gjeebs drove his Model Y from Phoneix, Arizona, to Washington, DC, and back to Phoenix, Arizona. It was about a 5,000 mile road trip. He simply put in his destination and drove off (after packing some things).

The Tesla Supercharger Network is like gas stations for EVs. They just work. Gjeebs would like to see all EV companies survive. Taking a road trip in a non-Tesla EV is risky - because at any moment, chargers may not work that aren't Superchargers.

Gjeebs met truck drivers and farmers who were very interested in his Tesla vehicle. People wanted to know how much it cost to charge and how far it went on a charge. Gas prices were very high at the time of this cross country trip.

The Tesla Supercharger just works. Your credit card is hooked up to your car and you just plugin and get charged. To make an EV requires a lot of resources and materials for the battery. There is an initial upfront environmental cost to get the battery resources. But, over the life of the vehicle, you will save on emissions.

Without Tesla's succes, there isn't a viable EV.

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Superchargers and More

If you drive an EV, you might look at others that drive gas cars as different. A better way to look at it is to realize that EVs are still in their infancy. Others wonder about Superchargers and wonder where the electricity is coming from. Some of it comes from coal, gas, and solar.

80% of the Energy that goes into your car is being used to propel your car forward. For gas, only 20% to 30% is used to propel your car forward, according to information Gjeebs found.

Taking a cross country road trip in his Model Y was very smooth. He's gone to 218 separate Supercharger sites and not one of them has been down. That's a very impressive track record. He's always been able to charge his Tesla.

The Tesla Supercharger network is a huge value for EVs. If you have a non-Tesla EV, you might want to stick to local driving where you live. With Tesla's Supercharger network, if you want to take a cross country trip, you'll want a Tesla for sure.

What do you think of this road trip - would you take a Tesla across the U.S. on a cross country road trip?

For more information, see this video from Gjeebs:

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Image Credit, Gjeebs, Screenshot