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Driving a Model X Plaid Through Water - Was Any Damage Done?

An owner of a Tesla Model X Plaid drove through water after a hurricane and shares if any lasting damage was done to his car.

Driving a Tesla Model X Plaid Through Water

Jeremy Judkins drove his Tesla Model X Plaid through water after Hurricane Ian in Florida. The water was at least a few feet deep and at times splashed and covered his car. Was any damage done to his car?

After this hurricane, Jeremy took his car on many different road trips and used the Tesla Supercharger network along the way. There were multiple stops he took, from Wesley Chapel to Delray Beach to the Keys to Jacksonville.

He had a prior issue with his bumper that was fixed in Sarasota. There is basically no visual damage that the vehicle was in water at all.

He finally made it to Ft. Lauderdale on his road trip. The car drives and rides perfectly fine. There are no signs that it is catching on fire, either. There are other videos of Tesla drivers nearly submerged in water, with a little leaking in the car, but the car was still able to run just fine.

Do you know of any other instances where a Tesla drove through water and survived? Share in the comments below.

Here is the video from Jeremy describing his experience.

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Tesla Safety Features and How Much Water Can a Tesla Take?

Tesla vehicles are known for their 5 star safety features. One of those features that doesn't get graded well enough is their ability to stand up to water. Tesla vehicles have driven through many feet of water and been ok afterward. A gas car driving in water and getting water in its engine is going to have a tough time afterward.

This Tesla owner took his vehicle completely underwater as a test to see if the vehicle would still run afterward. He loaded weights in the car to make it heavier and used a cable to pull it in and out of the water.

Surprisingly, the car was still running afterward and drove. There were a lot of errors Tesla was giving, and some water leaked in the car, but it still ran later.

Tesla's are renowned for their safety features. There are two cases where a Tesla vehicle withstood a tremendous amount of force:

* When a tree fell on top of a Tesla
* When a Tesla fell over 250 feet and the occupants survived

There are many other cases where a Tesla vehicle withstood great force or its safety features prevented an accident. Tesla's are very durable and use software to give indicators of safety or forward collision warnings.

What do you think of these videos of Tesla vehicles in water?

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Image Credit, Jeremy Judkins, Screenshot