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Cybertruck Secrets Revealed by Munro Live

There's a video of new Tesla Cybertruck images and Munro Live shares the secrets contained.

Cybertruck Secrets

There was a picture of the Cybertruck posted on Twitter, showing a Cybertruck casting. Cory Steuben, from Munro Live, said that he studied this image in every detail and can't wait to get his own Cybertruck to look at.

The reason Cory is interested in this is that the giga casting is very large for this. Tesla appears to be using a similar strategy in how the Model Y is produced. There is one part - a massive casting, and four stamping pieces. Nine parts create the whole front structure of the vehicle. A Rivian has hundreds of parts for its front part of the truck.

There is also high voltage wiring that will be used to connect the drive unit. It's the same manufacturing philosophy of the Giga Texas Model Y. Cory thinks Tesla will make a casting that is 1/3 larger than the Model Y for the Cybertruck.

People will pay more for a truck, like the Cybertruck, but the cost won't be that much more with just the 1/3 extra metal needed to make the Cybertruck.

This is not an exoskeleton. This is like a big Model Y with two huge castings for the front and rear. There's also a low voltage wiring harness that will connect to the cooling unit. This is the evolution of Tesla's design philosophy applied to a truck. The big question is how the big stainless steel pieces are connected.

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Preorders Opened

Tesla has recently re-opened preorders for its Cybertruck, which is a good sign that production is getting set to be underway in Q3, 2023.

Later on in the interview, there was a body frame for a standard truck. Next, there was an earnings report from Tesla with a picture of the Cybertruck casting. What this is all the underpinning in white with one casting.

The rear may have multiple castings that connect, and the whole idea that there's one exoskeleton for the truck may not be true. Cory thinks this will be ultra-high strength steel.

The doors, hood, and others will be their own structural elements. The fender bracket is very flimsy and not very strong. The reason for this is that there needs to be a lot of leeway for what it connects to. The fender won't be a significant part of the structure of the truck. It will be a separate piece, largely, used to protect from bumps to the truck.

The Cybertruck will have independent rear and air suspension. There was a picture of someone carrying what appeared to be a giant air canister. It could be possible that this is used somehow for the Cybertruck for suspension, or even for putting air in the tires when needed.

For more information, see this video from Farzad Mesbahi:

Do you think the Cybertruck will get released in Q3, 2023?

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