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CCS Charging At Tesla's Leaked - Are Superchargers Going to Allow for CCS Charging?

We see some leaked pictures from a Tesla Supercharger that suggest the EV and energy company might be ready to offer CCS charging at its Superchargers.


Tesla CCS Charging at Superchargers

There has been news floating around of a CCS adapter dock in Tesla's mobile app ahead of the opening of its Supercharger network to other EVs in North America.

Tesla made its Supercharger network available in Europe last year and said it would do the same for North America by the end of 2022. Unfortunately, this did not happen, leaving many other EV owners sad.

What we do know is that it is still going to happen, and any day now. In fact, it could have already happened with what is called a shadow or soft launch. In Europe, Tesla already uses the CCS connector, and we knew that Tesla would have a tougher time opening its Supercharger network in North America because of its own special connector.

This is why Tesla made its connector open source, in the hopes that other EV makers would adopt the connection. Even with this plan, Tesla is still planning to offer a CCS adapter at its charging stations for other electric vehicles that are not a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y or Model S or Model X - or any upcoming vehicles like the Cybertruck or Roadster.

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CCS Charging

The leak for the CCS connector comes via Tesla's mobile app with an updated rendering of the Tesla Supercharger stall. In the image, you can see a completely different rendering with a connector that is much larger.

This new dock, which you can see in the image, shows that the CCS adapter serves as the new Tesla connector dock when you don't need CCS - in other words, for Tesla owners.

For those who do not own a Tesla, you can undock both and use the Supercharger with the CCS adapter. The update in the mobile app could point that Tesla has the means to do a wide deploy across North America for this.

Check Tesla Supercharger stations nearby to see if they have the CCS adapter dock or not. If they do, you'll be able to CCS charge.

I personally don't like CCS adapters and the cables connected to them. They are much bigger and heavier than Tesla's solution. I wish everyone would just adopt Tesla's now open source solution.

What do you think of Tesla offering CCS adapter support? Is this a good idea?

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Image Credit, Branden Flasch, Screenshot


Martin Winlow (not verified)    January 24, 2023 - 2:38AM

Why do you imagine an adaptor will be needed? Why would Tesla not just do what it has done *right across Europe* and add a second tethered CCS connector?