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Can a Tesla Withstand the Force of a Giant Axe?

We have a video of a supposed Tesla vehicle that was used in a test to see if it could withstand a giant axe. Let's see what the results are.


Tesla -vs- Giant Axe

We found a video where a supposed Tesla vehicle was pitted against a giant axe to see if the Tesla could withstand the force of a giant axe coming down on it. Tesla vehicles are known for their safety and durability, so you might be wondering how the Tesla fared in this case.

From the YouTube channel, How Ridiculous, a supposed Tesla was taken outside and a giant hydraulic powered axe was used to chop down on the Tesla. There have been videos of Tesla vehicles in accidents and even a video of a Tesla that withstood the force of a falling tree, saving the occupants inside.

However, in this case, there is a problem. This vehicle that was tested doesn't appear to be a Tesla. Whatever vehicle it was, was no match for the giant axe. It was just too powerful. However, the axe didn't just slice through the vehicle. The vehicle took much of the force of the axe and was not cleanly chopped in two.

Tesla vehicles, like the Model S and others, are incredibly durable. I don't think there's a vehicle on this earth that could have handled the force of this giant axe, including a Tesla if it were tested, but the vehicle here did very well.

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Tesla Safety

Tesla vehicles generally score top marks when it comes to safety and many have said that Tesla should advertise and attach to their brand this mark of safety. This is something that Tesla takes very seriously and is one of the reasons Elon Musk won't make a cheap and unsafe EV (electric vehicle).

Elon Musk was in a serious motorcycle accident many years ago and this is one of the reasons that Tesla will not make motorcycles either. They are just too unsafe if a crash happens. There are no walls or barriers between you and the road or other vehicles when you're in a motorcycle.

Tesla receives 5 star safety ratings from NHTSA for their vehicles. For example, the Model Y, 2022 dual-motor vehicle has a 5 star rating. Other vehicles follow the same pattern of safety. You can see videos of crash tested Tesla's withstanding a tremendous amount of force.

It was interesting to watch this vehicle get hit with the giant axe and see that it took a lot of the pressure, but still crumbled. I mentioned earlier that a Tesla survived a fallen tree and you can see that video here.

Are Tesla vehicles the safest vehicles on the roads? Is there a vehicle that could have survived the giant axe?

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Image Credit, How Ridiculous, Screenshot