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4680 Battery Test Bodies Found Outside the Casting Area in Giga Texas

We have some new images of 4680 test bodies found in the casting area of Giga Texas. Tesla is busy at work testing new castings.

4680 Battery Castings

We see what looks like to be 4680 castings in the casting area of Giga Texas. Tesla is busy at work in its giga castings and this shows proof of that. According to Joe Tegtmeyer, these are 4680-variant test bodies and in the Northeast corner of the casting area.

In looking at the Tweet thread of Joe's images, there are some additional things he's taken pictures of. There appears to be some new power poles for the electrical switchyard.

There is also the Idra Press on a truck, which we reported about recently.

A Twitter user has said that the castings are for 2170 cells and not 4680 battery cells. He says those two with cells have a cross beam across the floor, and only the body with no floor has a single piece front casting.

As always, we hope that Tesla will comment on these images.

Joe has given us some more updates:

In these new images, we see more Idra Giga Press deliveries, as well as another large box wrapped in blue on another flatbed truck. There is also construction happening, signaling that even though Giga Texas is ramping to produce the Model Y - there is much more to be done.

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4680 Battery Production

Tesla has been hard at work producing 4680 batteries and many have thought that their ramp of these batteries has not gone fast enough. A few standard range Model Y vehicles with 4680 batteries were sold from Giga Texas, but they were quickly discontinued.

One thing that is very interesting is that there is a 2023 Model Y All-Wheel Drive vehicle available from Tesla's existing inventory. This is a vehicle with 269 miles of range and it costs $64,990.

This is very close to the cost of the long range Model Y, so I wonder if this standard range Model Y could be charge to 100% regularly and that the range would be worth it if that is the case.

What do you think these castings are outside of Giga Texas? Are they 4680, 2170, or some other type of casting?

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Image Credit, Joe Tegtmeyer, Screenshot