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The 12 Most Common Causes of Car Crashes - How Tesla FSD Solves These

These are the 12 most common causes of car crashes and Tesla's FSD software has a solution for each of them.

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The First 6 Most Common Causes

There are 12 of the most common causes of car crashes, and the advancement of AI will completely eliminate 5 of them while significantly reducing the others. Things like human error, impatience and road rage will be a thing of the past.

1: Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a big cause of accidents and usually the issue is with someone using their phone, whether they are browsing the internet or texting someone else - their attention is off the road, leading to a greatly increased chance of having an accident.

This is one of the accident causes that will be eliminated by AI. AI cannot get distracted and is always running.

2: Speeding

Speeding, especially through intersections or weaving through traffic, is another common cause of a car crash. If everyone followed the speed limit, there would be less aggressive acceleration and weaving through traffic that causes accidents.

This is another accident that will be solved by AI because AI will always obey the speed limit and not drive recklessly.

3: Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is an unnecessary thing, yet it happens in today's world. When someone is driving drunk, their senses are impaired and they make poor decisions. I would even add being tired as a cause for accidents here - anything that impairs driving.

AI will eliminate this cause as well as AI cannot drink alcohol and will always be attentive and doing the best decision at all times.

4: Reckless Driving

Reckless driving comes from human emotion or simply making a wrong choice. If someone is experiencing road rage, they are going to make a poor choice. If someone is distraught, they might make a poor driving choice. There are many reasons people drive recklessly, and all of them increase the risk of a car crash.

AI will also solve this one because AI does not have emotion and drives the same way every time.

5: Weather

Weather is a cause of car crashes and usually, when I am driving on the freeway, and it is raining or snowing heavily, most people are not taking the weather into account and are driving as fast as possible. This way of driving assumes nothing can go wrong, which is not safe.

AI will adjust driving to the weather. It may not become immune to weather related accidents, but it won't drive aggressively in it.

6: Running Intersections

Running intersections is a common cause of accidents. 4 way stops and 4 way stop-light intersections commonly are causes for accidents. Usually, if someone runs a stop sign or is trying to speed through a yellow light, it can cause an accident.

AI won't completely solve this one, but it will certainly help by not making reckless choices at intersections.

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The Next 6 Most Common Causes

7: Teenagers

When a teenager is first learning to drive, they are not as familiar with the road as an adult who has been driving for a long time. This means they aren't used to seeing certain situations and have more of a chance not to be ready.

AI will solve this because AI will be doing the driving and a teenager won't ever have to drive.

8: Night Driving

Night driving is a cause for accidents, and even Tesla Insurance has this as one of the main things that can bring down your safety score. Even a couple nights of late night driving will take me from a 97 to a 95 safety score. The reason for the increased risk in safety is darkness and drunk drivers.

AI can't solve this one because choosing to drive at night is someone's choice.

9: Design Defects

The roads of the world are not designed perfectly. There can be construction or some confusing sign that makes it difficult to know what to do. When this happens, it can cause an accident.

AI will solve this because it will be trained on seeing every scenario possible and will have a better chance to handle it.

10: Unsafe lane changes

On the freeway, it's not uncommon to see someone weaving through traffic quickly and making aggressive lane changes. This is a high risk move because someone else can decide to change a lane while you are doing so, causing an accident.

AI helps with this because AI will not weave through traffic aggressively.

11: Wrong way driving

There was a time I drove down a freeway the wrong way, despite there being "Wrong Way" signs, I made a human error.

AI won't make this error because it will know the correct way to go at all times - it will know maps and terrain.

12: Improper Turns

Improper turns are doing a U-Turn in a no U-Turn zone, or making a right turn when you shouldn't, or making an unprotected left-hand turn improperly.

AI helps with this by being trained on every type of turn and when it can make the turn. It will be patient and wait for an opening.

What do you think of these 12 accident causes and how Tesla FSD can help solve them?

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