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Toyota Counterfeit Car Part Exposed by Mechanic

Do you have an eye for counterfeit auto parts? Unless you have a lot of experience ordering parts for your Toyota, you are likely to miss fake look-alikes. Here’s how to inspect a suspect part.

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When Looks are Deceiving

Previously, we’ve learned that counterfeit Toyota auto parts are a growing problem. In fact, those look-alikes are getting so good that it is often hard to tell when one is faked at first glance upon opening that part’s box. And only after the part is installed will the Toyota owner or a mechanic discover that an unresolved repair problem lays not with the broken original, but  lays with a counterfeit part that might have been bought online.

What makes this especially bad is when your engine winds up damaged all because of a fake part as we saw earlier with a Toyota Tundra engine that was damaged by a faked auto part that is common to all vehicles and one we replace every few thousand miles---the oil filter.

That was the message in a recent Car Care Nut YouTube channel episode where the host reminds viewers about the risks of buying a counterfeit part for your Toyota with yet another example he recently found while working on a customer’s car.

Follow along with the host as he demonstrates some of the things that should tip you off right away that the part you just received is a clever copy of the real thing that you do not want to take a chance on and install in your car.

The Value of This Video

The value of this video is that it explains the finer details such as:

  • Why you should examine the font used on the label of the parts box.
  • Why the part might work but will fail later and what this means to you.
  • Why some shop owners knowingly sell you a working counterfeit part.
  • The only place you can really buy a Toyota authorized car part.
  • How pricing and markups can be a red flag for a fake part.
  • Which parts are faked the most that car owners buy.

That said, here is an enjoyable and short video about the problem and what you can do to protect yourself and your car.

Counterfeit Car Part Exposed! Car Owners BE AWARE!

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Timothy Boyer is an automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on  “Zen and the Art of DIY Car Repair” website, the Zen Mechanic blog and on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites  and Facebook for daily news and topics related to new and used cars and trucks.

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Image source: Deposit Photos

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