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President Obama traveling to Capital in carbon neutral motorcade

Washington politics are filled with symbolisms; and tonight’s State of the Union Address is no different, including the carbon-neutral trip from the White House to the Capital by the President.

According to the National Resources Defense Council(NRDC), America can debate the details and disagree over specifics of energy, but inaction is no longer an option. So, it’s leading the way by placing its money on carbon credits to make a point.

Fact is, NRDC has ensured that not one gram of carbon dioxide pollution will remain in the atmosphere as a result of the president’s motorcades, because NRDC has purchased “offsets” to make the round-trip carbon neutral—a first for a State of the Union presidential motorcade.

For the record, this does not mean the motorcade is traveling in electric or gas powered vehicles, but that carbon has been offset via credits purchased. NRDC has literally purchased renewable energy carbon offsets through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, an Oregon-based nonprofit foundation which specializes in carbon “offsets.”

These are credits that anyone can buy to compensate for or lessen their carbon dioxide pollution imprint. The credits fund projects that create a reduction of, or capture, carbon dioxide pollution somewhere else.

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