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Nissan Juke compares with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2011

It’s February and Nissan knows what that means for the Juke - time to be proud sponsor of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 and make a comparison, Model vs Model.

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In a series of four videos, the Nissan Juke competes against different swimsuit models in the areas of acceleration, aerodynamics, slalom (agility), and curb appeal. These videos are part of Nissan's "Model vs. Model" campaign.

While there is little mentioned about the campaign at, it took
to cover the car best with technical pros and cons in a special report.

For the record, though, the Sports Illustrated Model Search site, which went live the evening of February 14, will make visitors able to vote on eight models. The voting runs from February 15 to March 9, and will determine which model gets into the magazine. Here are the videos:




Curb Appeal

But there is more to the campaign than a few amusing videos. Isn't there?

About the Author: After 39 years in the auto industry as a design engineer, Frank Sherosky now writes articles, books and ebooks via, but may be contacted here by email: [email protected]

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