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IFPE 2011 keynote address to feature hydraulic hybrids

As the IFPE 2011 enjoins with the 52nd National Conference on Fluid Power (NCFP) in March in Las Vegas, the NCFP will emphasize new technologies and methods related to improved analysis, design, manufacturing and performance of fluid power components and systems. The keynote address will be followed by a course directly related to autos.

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Think hydraulic hybrids as competition with electrics for mobile and industrial markets.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, between 1:00 - 5:00 pm, Zongxuan Sun, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, will present C22 Design, Modeling and Control of Hybrid Vehicles

With the rising oil demand and concerns on climate change, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions has become the main target for automotive powertrain research. Powertrain hybridization has been widely accepted as one of the most promising solutions for addressing this issue.

In a hybrid vehicle, an alternative power source (electric power or fluid power which includes pneumatics, for example) complements the internal combustion engine, to improve fuel efficiency by engine downsizing, load leveling, and regenerative braking. This short course will cover the background information, the various types of hybrid vehicles, the architecture of hybrid powertrain, and the modeling and control the hybrid vehicle.

More on IFPE 2011

Held every three years, the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE) showcases the latest equipment, products, services and technologies.

IFPE is the leading international exposition and technical conference dedicated to the integration of fluid power with other technologies for power transmission and motion control applications. No other show brings this many sectors of the fluid power, power transmission and motion control industries together in one place.

The event in March 22-26 will feature over 500 exhibitors. Product concentration areas will make it easy for visitors to locate specific products, services and exhibitors of interest

As per the website and other promotional materials, more than 100 cutting-edge education sessions focusing on the newest technologies, best practices, the latest research and developments, including:

  1. National Conference on Fluid Power
  2. Innovations Theater
  3. College-level courses in hydraulics and pneumatics

The IFPE 2011 Innovations Center will feature 15 sessions that are free for all registered IFPE and CONEXPO-CON/AGG attendees. Experts in the field will present real-world solutions for current and future design applications. The sessions will run Tuesday through Friday during regular exhibit hall hours.

For the record, over 29,400 industry professionals from around the world attended IFPE 2008 – a 61 percent increase in attendance compared to the 2005 show! Combined, over 144,600 professionals attended the co-located IFPE 2008 & CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2008 shows.

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