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CleanFUEL USA plays key role for GM liquid propane engine systems

As GM is now offering a new propane option for the 2012 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana cutaway 3500 and 4500 vans, GM also selected CleanFUEL USA as its exclusive partner for the 49-gallon capacity, one of two liquid propane engine systems.

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From fuel and refueling infrastructure to station equipment, engine systems and fleet management programs, CleanFUEL USA provides the "Total Alternative Fuel Solution" with superior economic and environmental advantages.

In addition, CleanFUEL USA has worked with GM for several years to produce propane engine platforms for fleet vehicles.

This new agreement, however, allows GM to utilize CleanFUEL’s LPI (liquid propane injection) system to broaden its initiative to offer more alternative fuel vehicles options signals significant traction for the overall propane vehicle industry.

For the record, CleanFUEL’s LPI system provides the same horsepower, torque and performance as gasoline engines; yet, it is cleaner burning and more fuel efficient.

The company expects the availability of the new 2012 propane-powered options to expand the commercial fleet segment’s use of propane vehicles.

According to the original GM news release a few weeks ago, this new LPG offering enables businesses to choose from 2,604 LPG fueling stations nationwide – a number that is expected to significantly increase.

“LPG infrastructure has progressed rapidly, so it’s easier for our customers to refuel in convenient locations across the country,” said Brian Small, general manager, GM Fleet and Commercial Operations. “When our customers order the LPG option, they’re getting a sensible fuel alternative, with the convenience of a one-stop ordering process.”

Fact is, GM is the only manufacturer to provide a single-source LPG van option. GM’s manufacturing process enables customers to spend less time converting vehicles by using a one-stop-shop approach that delivers a vehicle with a complete LPG fuel system, which can then be upfitted to meet customer requirements.

With this LPG offering, GM is also the only automaker to offer four alternative fuel options for U.S. fleet customers: LPG, CNG, ethanol (E85) and B20 biodiesel.

To install two different LPG systems into the 159” wheelbase cutaway van, GM also selected Knapheide Manufacturing Co. CleanFUEL USA and Bi-Phase Technologies thus serve as tier-two suppliers for the 49- and 75-gallon capacity LPG fuel system, respectively.

The vans come equipped with GM’s hardened Vortec 6.0L engine. The vans will be produced at GM’s Wentzville, Mo. plant and transported to Knapheide’s nearby facility for fuel storage/delivery system installation.

Upon completion, the vehicle is then sent to the upfitter chosen by the customer for body installation. The cutaways can be converted to various commercial, school bus, shuttle bus and RV requirements.

CleanFUEL USA has been a visionary company since inception in 1993, and is recognized by fleet managers, fuel equipment manufacturers and distributors throughout the world for building safe and reliable equipment that satisfies environmental regulations and U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

About the Author: After 39 years in the auto industry as a design engineer, Frank Sherosky now trades stocks and writes articles, books and ebooks via, but may be contacted here by email: [email protected]

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