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Tesla Using Mobile Heaters In Giga Berlin To Keep Workers Warm And Accelerate Manufacturing

Footage of Gigafactory Berlin flyover seems to show Tesla has installed mobile heaters. These heaters are installed in the body in two areas of the plant and might be being used to warm the area for the workers or to provide heat for equipment installation.

Recent flyover videos taken at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin site show Tesla is using mobile heaters at the site. As noted by members of the EV community who have been closely watching the plant, equipments that seem to be mobile heaters were recently seen at the site.

The photographs were shared by Twitter user @GF4Tesla, who has been flying a drone over Gigafactory Berlin since its beginning. GF4Tesla noted that the parts he saw at the Giga Berlin plant look like mobile heaters.

The two areas of construction where these Mobile heaters were being used were in the paint shop and the body in white facilities.

At this moment it is not exactly clear how Tesla is utilizing these mobile heaters but two possible reasons could be, one to keep workers equipping the factory warm, and two it could be for work inside the factory.

According to GF4Tesla the ground floor is heated for the installation of the equipment. An example of such work that could require heating could be the installation of resin flooring which could require the entire place to be warm.

Giga Berlin Mobile Heaters to keep workers warm

The weather at the location for Telsa’s Berlin Gigafactory has become really cold. As it could be seen in a recent twitter video shared by Elon Musk the entire Gigafactory Berlin compound was covered with snow.

Whatever the reason for the mobile heaters might be, it is still a good sign showing work at Tesla’s fourth Gigafactory is going strong. Unlike Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory construction at Tesla’s European factory has been marred with a number of stops and starts in the process.

Just in the past few months, Tesla has been forced to halt construction of the plant several times. Most recently work on the factory was stopped allegedly due to Tesla failing to pay 100 million euros in security deposit.

The reason for this stoppage is the unconventional way Tesla has chose to build the plant. Instead of waiting for the full permitting of the plant to start construction Tesla has chose to permit every part as the factory is built.

This was done to accelerate the manufacturing process of the factory. However, due to the unconventional manner, Tesla has gone about building the plant the factory is at an increased schedule slippage risk.

Currently, work on the plant is nearing its final phase. With most of the major external structures already built, Tesla has moved to install machinery necessary to start production in the first half of 2021.

So what do you think? Tesla is using the heaters for? Are you in the construction field and do you have any information what the EV maker might be using the mobile heaters for? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Giga Berlin Mobile Heaters to keep workers warm, view from side

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