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Elon Musk Pushes “Material Cybertruck Production Ramp” to 2025, Admits it’ll be “Such a Small Percentage of Tesla Vehicles in 2024”

In a new interview, Elon Musk has admitted that the Cybertruck production ramp will go slower than otherwise hoped. Musk said, “Cybertruck will not be material to Tesla’s financials in 2024.” Musk pushed Cybertruck volume production to 2025.

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Beginning on November 30, Tesla has finally started delivering the first 10 out of 1000 Foundation Series Cybertrucks to actual paying customers. During the delivery event and soon thereafter, we’ve learned a lot about the truck.

Some of the new information we’ve learned about the truck has been a disappointment and has led to people canceling their reservations.

The two main disappointing specs were the range and price. The Cybertruck which was supposed to start at $39,900 and have more than 500-mile EPA range, now has a starting price of $61,000 and a 340-mile range.

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Tesla is at least offering a range extender that will increase the Cybertruck’s range from 340 miles to 470 miles. Elon Musk has detailed how the Cybertruck’s range extender works.

With this out the way, the rest of the final details of the Cybertruck have been beyond what Tesla promised back in 2019. The vehicle now has 2.6 seconds 0 to 60 time, hours after its release, a Beast Mode Cybertruck has been able to break the speed record for all pickup trucks.

The Cybertruck features a bulletproof exterior and shatter-resistant glass. Although Tesla did not appropriately test out the shatterproof glass during the delivery event, a new video of Tesla’s top executive team testing out the Cybertruck’s glass durability shows the vehicle is all-around durable.

The vehicle also features rear-wheel steering and steer-by-wire and 48-volt architecture, supercar handling characteristics, adaptive air suspension with the highest ground clearance in its segment, the largest ever Tesla screen at 18.5 inches, a secondary 9.5 inches screen and so on which allowed the truck to be a revolution in its components in addition to its polarizing exterior.

Add to this recent information from Tesla’s head of vehicle engineering the Cybertruck is capable of 350KW V4 supercharging that allows the truck to charge from 15% to 85% in 18 minutes then Tesla appears to have an all-around special vehicle in its hands with the Cybertruck.

Given all these advancements, as much as there are people who canceled their reservations, excitement for people to get their hands on the Cybertruck has also been through the roof.

People are hoping Tesla will be able to ramp up Cybertruck production quickly. Interest in the vehicle has been so high there are already people offering to buy early Cybertrucks for as much as $100,000 above what Tesla asks for.

So how quickly will Tesla be able to work through the over a million reservation backlog? According to a new Elon Musk interview, the wait for Cybertruck will likely be more than what enthusiasts are hoping for.

In an interview with Detroit automotive legend and tear-down specialist Sandy Munro, Elon Musk said “The Cybertruck is not something that will be material to Tesla’s financials next year. Meaning, that of the vehicles we make, it will be such a small percentage that it’ll not be material in 2024. It’ll probably be material in 2025.”

This is certainly disappointing for those of us who can’t wait to see the futuristic truck flood the roads. However, during the interview, Musk explained saying the production ramp happens at an S curve meaning it will be slow at the start and quickly ramp to volume and level off at the top.

Musk added, that depending on where Tesla is on the S curve, a few months shift from his prediction could make a huge difference in what sorts of production rates Tesla has been able to achieve.

Overall, Musk’s approach seems to be, that he’s hoping for the best, which is to quickly ramp up Cybertruck production, but he’s also preparing for the worst, which is running into unforeseen bottlenecks.

Currently, this is all the information we’ve regarding the Cybertruck production ramp, however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more about Tesla’s plans. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Disappointed to learn the Cybertruck production ramp will not achieve meaningful numbers in 2024? Also, how long do you think it’ll take Tesla to clear the over 1 million reservation backlog? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, inc.

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