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Early VIN “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks are Selling for as Much as $350,000 Online

Tesla has currently started selling the first 1000 “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks with special laser-etched insignia. These trucks are in such high demand that people are flipping their Foundation Series Cybertruck online for $350,000.

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The age of the Cybertruck is finally upon us. After 4 years of waiting, Tesla has finally started building and delivering the first Cybertrucks. For the time being, Tesla is exclusively making “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks with laser-etched 3-headed Cyberbeast insignia and more unique features.

The tri-motor “Foundation Series” Cyberbeast Cybertruck costs $120,000 and has a 320-mile range and the Foundation Series Cybertruck AWD with 2 motors and a 340-mile range costs $100,000.

For the regular non-Foundation Series versions of the tri-motor Cyberbeast and the dual-motor Cybertruck AWD, these prices will go down by $20,000 each, with the starting prices being $100,000 and $80,000 respectively.

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The range number and the price of the different Cybertruck trims have been the biggest source of complaints regarding the all-electric truck.

However, if you thought $120,000 was too much to pay for a truck, then brace yourselves. As I’ve already mentioned, there is still huge interest in the Cybertruck, and with over a million reservations, it’s a struggle to even buy the truck.

Celebrities and billionaires are even resorting to personally pleading with Elon Musk to get ahead in line to get their Cybertrucks delivered sooner rather than later.

However, what if you are merely a regular multi-millionaire who doesn’t have direct access to Elon Musk? How might you be able to get your Cybertruck quickly?


Well, thanks to secondary markets online, there appear to be quite a number of people willing to part ways with their brand-new Cybertrucks. The problem however is in the price they are demanding.

Tesla has started sending out emails asking early reservation holders to configure their Foundation Series Cybertrucks and for a lucky few, Tesla has already contacted them asking them to prepare for delivery.

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Once Tesla asks you to prepare for delivery, it’s only a matter of days or weeks before you get your vehicle delivered. So if you’re in this privileged situation, how much will you ask for the Cybertruck?

Currently, there are several Cybertruck postings on eBay. Most people are trying to sell their early Cybertruck reservations for a few thousand dollars. However, those lucky enough to be invited by Tesla to configure their Cybertrucks are asking as much as $350,000.

Just to put these prices into perspective, for $350,000 you can buy 3 Model X Plaids and still have $65,000 remaining in the bank. Or if you prefer you can have 4 Model S’s, 6 Model Y’s, or 7 Model 3s for the price of single a Foundation Series Cybertruck.


In my opinion, this is too much money to pay for a Cybertruck. Plus there is the additional issue of Tesla barring anyone with a Foundation Series Cybertruck from being able to sell them for the next year.

In the Foundation Series Cybertruck purchase agreement, Tesla says it will sue anyone who sells their Foundation Series Cybertruck within a year without first asking permission from Tesla. Tesla says it could ask for compensation as much as $50,000.

However, thinking about it a bit, if a person is able to sell his/her Cybertruck for $350,000 even if they have to pay $50,000 to Tesla, it would still mean they have made a $180,000 profit for practically no work.

Currently, this is all the information we’ve regarding the Cybertruck secondary market. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we learn more about the all-electric truck. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Surprised to see demand for the Cybertruck being still so high? Also, what do you make of the ethics of flipping the Cybertruck for profit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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