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New 2021 Hyundai Models and Changes

Hyundai released a list of vehicles telling us which models will be all-new for 2021, which will be carryovers and additional changes for the next model year. Hyundai also gave us information on which vehicles will no longer be in production for 2021.

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Hyundai's Evolution

Hyundai is a brand that is continually evolving. Hyundai seems to have a new refresh or some new update like every two years I feel like, and that’s because they do. Competition is undoubtedly fierce for family vehicles, especially SUVs, but the way Hyundai keeps changing things so fast is still pretty crazy. A new announcement tells us what Hyundai has planned for the 2021 lineup, like which vehicles will be all-new, carryover, etc.

2021 Hyundai SonataWhat's New For 2021?

So far, only two models will be all-new for 2021, the Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Elantra Hybrid. The 2021 Hyundai Elantra will also get an N Line trim, which I wrote about previously. The only other notable vehicles for 2021 is the Sonata N Line and 2021 Santa Fe, which Hyundai calls “a product enhancement.” The 2021 Veloster N is also said to be a product enhancement.

2021 Hyundai Veloster N

Aside from the models listed above, the rest of the lineup is a carryover. The 2021 Kona and Palisade get new trim levels added, but that’s about it. This next bit of news may disappoint some of you, but probably not many of you since you didn’t seem to buy these cars. The Elantra GT and Elantra GT N Line are both discontinued. This news isn’t a big deal because Hyundai has small SUVs such as the Venue and Kona to replace the Elantra GT. A new 2021 Elantra sedan N Line is also coming, so the N brand is undoubtedly evolving and not going anywhere.

2021 Hyundai ElantraHyundai 2021 Models Conclusion

Hyundai’s commitment to continually evolve should certainly be respected. I guess it also works in Hyundai’s favor because Hyundai buyers will be interested in upgrading more often than with other brands due to how frequently the vehicles get updated. But let me know your thought below about the new 2021 lineup and if you like how often Hyundai updates its models.

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Kevin Meyn is an automotive journalist for Torque News concentrating on Hyundai content. Kevin is the founder of Exhaust Sports Auto Youtube channel, where he does professional car reviews on new and used vehicles. Through the use of various resources and extended Automotive expertise, Kevin documents the latest in automotive news revolving around Hyundai. Kevin graduated from NC State University studying Supply Chain Management but has had a passion for cars since he was a child. Follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram @exhaustsports.

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