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Hyundai Windshields are Cracking - Customers File Lawsuit

Two plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against Hyundai in regards to windshields prematurely cracking on their 2020 Hyundai Palisades.

An article released by David A. Wood with reported a lawsuit being filed against Hyundai by two individuals by the name of Lorenzo Ford and Tina Forehand. They are both owners of a 2020 Hyundai Palisade and unfortunately, suffered from defective windshields that prematurely cracked on them. This case is now known as Ford, et al., v. Hyundai Motor America, et al.

Lorenzo and Tina claimed a pebble had struck their windshield and left a crack. For Lorenzo, his 2020 Palisade had about 4,225 miles and got quoted $880 to replace it. Tina's 2020 Palisade had approximately 2000 miles and had to wait three weeks to get her windshield. She was charged $250 for replacement.

Prices seem to be all over, and the mileage seems to vary as well, which is natural as pebbles may occur at any mileage. Bizarrely, some owners reported their windshields cracking without even coming into contact with anything. Issues with the windshield on Palisades and even the Kia Telluride existed only a few months after owners started taking delivery of their cars. Even small insects clashing with the windshields have caused cracks, which is a bit alarming. As an automotive journalist reviewing cars, I have encountered the same problem in a Hyundai test car.

A few weeks ago, I was sent the 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid as a test car. I publish video reviews on my YouTube channel, and I have been using a Manfrotto camera mount to place my DSLR camera onto the windshields of the past 100 vehicles I have reviewed. After I finished filming my review, I began to pull on the little tab of my mount to release it from the windshield and boom, and the windshield cracked on me.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Windshield

This issue has never happened to me before in any other car that I have reviewed. Again, I used this mount in the last 100 vehicles that I have tested. Somehow, under the pressure of me releasing my mount, the windshield just cracked and left a massive spiderweb crack. A day later, I was driving down the highway, and a truck flung a nefarious pebble next to the spiderweb I produced and left a little crack. No matter what, the windshield in my test vehicle would've needed replacing.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Windshield

Interestingly, Hyundai refuses to admit their windshields are defective. Many owners say that the cracked windshields are becoming a distraction to driving, but as of now, Hyundai requires owners to pay for a replacement windshield. These allegedly defective windshields and replacement windshields have cost owners up to $1,600.

The Plaintiffs are seeking to have Hyundai buyback vehicles, cover replacement costs, or to reimburse owners for losses caused due to their windshields. Replacing windshields can also affect the value of the car, which adds to the cost owners are already paying to replace cracked windshields.

2020 Hyundai Palisade Front

I do hope that Hyundai can quickly remedy this situation because their cars are truly great to drive and do come in at an attractive price for the masses to afford. Hyundai was touting their double junction glass technology on the new 2020 Sonata and how it even had soundproofing material inside their double pane glass. And these are all great things because the Sonata was a hushed automobile; however, I noticed that the wind noise at highway speeds became far louder and was very obviously coming from the front.

Hyundai has always done a great job listening to the consumer and giving the end-users a quality product. Hopefully, Hyundai can take this situation and turn it into a positive to help improve future cars not to have the same issues.

Kevin Meyn is an automotive journalist for Torque News concentrating on Hyundai content. Kevin is the founder of Exhaust Sports Auto Youtube channel, where he does professional car reviews on new and used vehicles. Through the use of various resources and extended Automotive expertise, Kevin documents the latest in automotive news revolving around Hyundai. Kevin graduated from NC State University studying Supply Chain Management but has had a passion for cars since he was a child. Follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram @exhaustsports.


dee M. Coy (not verified)    July 7, 2020 - 8:38PM

I have a 2018 Hyundai Elentra and I have had to replace 2 windshields that cracked in the space of a week at my own expense. Several months ago I had to replace a window that shattered on the passenger side. I have never had anything like this happen on any other vehicle I owned. I am contacting Hyundai but most likely will have to consult an attorney. I see other Elantra owners have experienced the same thing.

Robin Pizzuti (not verified)    January 27, 2021 - 5:38PM

In reply to by dee M. Coy (not verified)

My daughter was loaned an Elantra trough Enterprise after someone hit her brand new car (4 days old) the windshield cracked with no apparent cause. Enterprise is now charging her $489.00 to replace it. Her deductible is $500 so we’ll end up paying out of pocket. Please keep me posted on any class action suit

T&E (not verified)    July 29, 2021 - 6:05PM

In reply to by dee M. Coy (not verified)

We have a new Santa Fe … About six months old that has a very long crack in the windshield. Disappeared out of nowhere… we literally went to the car get in the car and noticed a giant split horizontally across most of the windshield. After further inspection there seems to be a very small impact mark without any chipping. Assuming it’s from a small stone etc., although we don’t recall any impact loud enough to create any kind of concern. I don’t know the science behind it but we have many many cars that have been hit by stones and rocks and even have had chips in them, none of which resulted in such severe cracking like we see on our Santa Fe. We took it in the Hyundai and they said there’s nothing they can do to cover it because of the impact mark. They said it was not safe to have a crack like that and get it repaired immediately, so we need to make an insurance claim. Unfortunately will have to do that due to some of the lane assist technology built into the window, but we’re asking/hoping we don’t have to use Hyundai glass again. Obviously this is happening enough to have folks file a class action lawsuit. I’m not sure if that lawsuit is only for the Palisade, but if anybody else is having a problem with the Santa Fe i’d like to know in case Santa fe’s are not covered under the Palisade suit.

Eliz (not verified)    August 16, 2021 - 10:57PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

Interestingly enough, on 07.09.21, what I believe is a small pebble hit my front windshield, causing over 12" the next day. Called Triple A and Safelite to replace and there are no windshields available nationwide as they are on back order with no ETA. 5 weeks later, the crack is over 36". Been to several Hyundai dealers even upstate and same results - no windshield available and on backorder. How is it possible that auto insurance nor Hyundai will provide a rental nor a glass and expect you to dry an unsafe vehicle. If anyone is aware of the same circumstances for a 2021 Santa Fe cracked windshield, please share guidance. Much appreciate and gravely concerned consumer.

JESSICA ALFORD (not verified)    November 30, 2021 - 6:06PM

In reply to by Eliz (not verified)

I bought my santa fe in June, small debris hit it on a cross country drive- got it repaired by safelite and now the crack has gone from one end to the other. no eta, no compensations, nothing. I regret getting a hyundai

Darlene Salerno (not verified)    February 7, 2023 - 10:53AM

In reply to by JESSICA ALFORD (not verified)

2 days before Christmas the weather in Newark NY was frigid. I went out to my car and there was this long horizontal crack across the window. Nothing had hit me nor I hit anything. It just happened when we were sleeping. I called my insurance company and got told I had no coverage. For some reason they had my car as only liability…. Not full collision like I always have. Besides obviously changing my insurance compy, now I need to pay for a new windshield myself. Now I’m reading these incidents are happening for no reason. I don’t have this extra money and my car was just turned down for inspection because of this. Help!

Mary elise DiVita (not verified)    October 10, 2021 - 8:51PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

YES!!!!! I just had a Crack occur from RAIN! No rock or anything has shown an impact on the windshield. I purchased the vehicle less than a week ago. (2019 Santa Fe- Ultimate trim level)

Kelly Elgie (not verified)    December 15, 2021 - 3:33PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

I’m on the 3rd cracked windshield and 54000km.
The first crack appeared with less then 800 km and Hyundia covered as they felt
Maybe their error-but 2
More in less then 2 months. Thankfully I hadn’t arranged the replacement-$500 deductible -or I would be out $1000.
I will call Hyundia and see what they say.

Perry (not verified)    December 28, 2023 - 1:22PM

In reply to by Kelly Elgie (not verified)

I have a 2017 Santa Fe sport and since was new I been replacing the windshield once a year and last year twice. Put a new windshield in July 2022 and another in November 2022. Almost a year to the day it is broke again always starting around the vin tag at the bottom and then making its way across the windshield. Have been in contact with Hyundai Canada and they don’t seem to take any responsibility. If anybody has made any progress with this problem I’m looking for help

Allison (not verified)    March 13, 2022 - 11:48AM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

My Santa Fe did the same thing. I can’t even find an impact mark at all and the strangest thing is it seems to have cracked in the middle of the glass because I can’t feel the crack on the inside or outside of the vehicle. I’m going to be calling Hyundai and seeing what they can do.

Jordan Harding (not verified)    February 16, 2023 - 2:53AM

In reply to by Allison (not verified)

Hi Allison, I had a similar experience with my 2021 Palisade. Can you share any progress that you made with Hyundai? Sounds like my insurance covers the cost, but I have to pay a $500 deductible, not to mention the value lost by replacing the windshield. Thanks!

Allison (not verified)    March 13, 2022 - 11:50AM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

My Santa Fe did the same thing. I can’t even find an impact mark at all and the strangest thing is it seems to have cracked in the middle of the glass because I can’t feel the crack on the inside or outside of the vehicle. I’m going to be calling Hyundai and seeing what they can do.

Wanda Arnold (not verified)    September 16, 2022 - 9:16PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

Oncoming car threw a rock to the front bottom left corner of my new.Santa Fe Calligraphy. Immediately a crack shot upwards seven inches. I called Dealership immediately and can not get service for three weeks. The crack has spread almost to the top of the windshield. It also spread inward into the casing of car. I'm having problems w clock keeping time, rear view mirrors not always opening up when reentering car. Quote i hrs well over 3,000 dollars. My car is a couple of months old. Mileage is 4200 miles.

Paula (not verified)    September 20, 2022 - 2:20PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

I recently experienced a large windshield crack on my 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe for no apparent reason. The car was parked in my dentist's parking lot and when I came out I found the crack. It appeared to come from the inside of the glass out, with no tactile roughness in the crack from outside or inside the glass. The crack is now about 3 feet long from the passenger side lower edge of the windshield. I just noticed a very small "nick" in the corner edge of the windshield where the crack starts. My dealer, Grieco Hyundai in Johnston RI, says it's not covered by the car warranty. It's unconscionable that Hyundai has not addressed this issue that so many owners have encountered! If anyone has gotten relief on this from their dealership or Hyundai, please let us know! I have not yet contacted my insurance as the car is still drivable.

Pat Carse (not verified)    November 21, 2022 - 12:30PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

My 2022 Tucson windshield has developed a spider web crack. There is no apparent impact point .The car has only 4000 mi. on it .The dealer said it was caused by a stone ! Safelite will replace it for 1000 .I have seen a lot of chips and cracks bun like this. I'm convinced this is faulty glass!! Is there anything I can do ? Thanks

Darlene Salerno (not verified)    February 13, 2023 - 8:36AM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

One morning I came out to my car and there was a large (over 30”) horizontal crack in my windshield. No chips, no sign of a reason. And I had no insurance coverage. I see this is big in Hyundais. I’d like them to reimburse my cost

Mat (not verified)    February 22, 2023 - 11:38AM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

My 2017 Santa Fe got a 6 inch vertical crack starting from the very bottom edge of the glass.(no impact damage) Over the next week after the initial crack while it was parked over night, if I have the defroster on your can watch the crack grow as window heats up. The. Crack took a sharp turn and has now stretched across the entire window.

RB (not verified)    July 23, 2023 - 7:21PM

In reply to by T&E (not verified)

I have a 2022 Santa Fe Hybrid, the same exact situation just happened to me. A crack out of nowhere. I went to the dealership, they said the exact same thing. I am currently waiting for a case manager from Hyundai to get back to me. Hopefully this gets resolved and other owners have their vehicles recalled for this issue!

Joseph Paulik (not verified)    January 15, 2022 - 11:23AM

In reply to by dee M. Coy (not verified)

i own a 2020 hyundai Sonata my windshield is laminate is defective and bubbling Hyundai has been all over the place about the warranty and cowardly out will not cover the windshield no one can make laminate go bad in a car it is a defect two windshield companies and a dealer have told me the laminate is bad Hyundai refuses to stand behind their product and warranties

Lynda Breckinridge (not verified)    August 15, 2020 - 6:19PM

I have a 2019 Hyundai Sante Fe. A week after buying it a small rock cracked the windshield and it had to be replaced. A month later another small rock hit it and caused a chip and small crack that was repaired. Now a year later another rock and crack. This will be my 3rd windshield in 13 months. I’ve been driving for 38 years and have never had anything like this!

Hasan Koca (not verified)    August 12, 2021 - 8:44PM

In reply to by Lynda Breckinridge (not verified)

Yes. I have the same problem. I purchased 2021 Santa fe and second week a small rock cracked the windshield. we called the dealer and they said it wasn't covered under the warranty. Safe Light was able to replace the entire windshield with a deductible. One month later, we had the same problem again. I have a 2001 Toyota and never change the windshield. This is crazy. They have to do something for this issue.

Hasan (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 8:25PM

In reply to by Eliz (not verified)

When my 2021 Santa Fe windshield cracked, I called the dealer and they said that the warranty doesn't cover the damage. Afterward I called my car insurance company and they covered the fee and transferred me to Safelite AutoGlass. They ordered a new windshield from the California Hyundai Manufacturer. I waited one week and then they installed the new original windshield.

Carolyn w Augustine (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 6:29PM

In reply to by Hasan Koca (not verified)

Very interesting---Yes my new Santa Fe 2021 was purchased June 28th. My windshield broke July 8th----no stone hit my windshield. I waited till August 19th for a replacement and had to go out of town for a trip 3 days later. Another break 5 days ago. My last car was a Toyota and I drove it for 21 years without ever a break!!!! This is not right.

Lawyer Epps (not verified)    August 28, 2020 - 1:33PM


Maui (not verified)    August 29, 2020 - 3:41PM

Santa Fe 2020 2.0 turbo. Small rock hit dead center of forward camera , car read collision. Window replaced and covered by insurance. 2.5 weeks later Hot in Vegas. Took off from car sitting for 10 hrs with window shade covering dash. Down the road here a (tink ) sound a notice a fine 2.5 inch crack below camera centerline 8” inches. Non glaring but still a crack . I’ve went years without windshield crack but this is nuts. Probably wait till crack is blocking vision before I do anything . I wonder about Structural integrity of these windows. Maybe it’s an ongoing concern.
Time and cash will tell.