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Hyundai Venue Wins a Best Interior Award

The Wards have chosen the Hyundai Venue as one of its top 10 best interiors. The Venue got chosen despite fierce competition.

The all-new 2020 Hyundai Venue is a modern spunky little subcompact crossover that got selected for having the best interior amongst a group of 32 other new or newly redesigned vehicles. Ten cars got chosen to be the best by Wards Auto. This award is a massive achievement for Hyundai and well deserved.

Hyundai, as of late, has produced some high-quality vehicles worth owning. The interiors of many of its cars are solid, well built, and extremely ergonomic. Nothing about a Hyundai interior raises red flags, and anyone can get inside a Hyundai product and not be intimidated by any of the technology and get comfortable immediately.

2020 Hyundai Venue InteriorWhy the Hyundai Venue won the Ward Auto Interior Award

Eight Ward editors oversaw the selection of best interiors. Scores get determined by aesthetics, comfort, fit-and-finish, material quality, and ergonomics. Although the price is a factor, there is no price cap for the cars competing in the test.

As stated before, the Hyundai Venue was up against 32 other cars for the spot. They may all not be direct competitors to the Venue; however, that is still a lot of competition. The fact that the little subcompact Venue was able to impress even amongst all those options says a lot about the Hyundai Venue’s interior.

There is a unique Hyundai Venue interior option available, and the special edition interior is probably why the Hyundai Venue won. This interior features denim styled leatherette and fabric seat with blue trim all around. This rich-looking interior scheme can be had for $23,305 sticker price, which makes this Venue one of the fully-loaded trim levels.

Hyundai Venue Interior

This price shocked the testers, but the Venue still impressed on other fronts as well. The examiners praised Hyundai for the premium materials, fit-and-finish, great ergonomics with an easy to use infotainment set up. These are the attributes that make Hyundai interiors stand out for me as well, and it is excellent to see interior testers also appreciating these qualities.

Hyundai Venue Interior Conclusion

Yes, not everyone will be buying a fully loaded “denim” edition Venue, most will spring for one of the models that sit slightly above the base model, and that’s fine. The core things that make a Hyundai interior great are not gimmicks; it is the practical usability and functionality that make Hyundai’s a great place to spend time.

Even the subcompact Hyundai’s never feels like a tin can, it feels sturdy, and the driving characteristic is composed and refined. All these traits help Hyundai’s car fight above its weight class, and that is what I respect most.

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