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Hyundai Mobis Supplier Is Expanding Its EV Parts Plant

With the demand for EVs rising globally, Hyundai's supplier, Hyundai Mobis, is expanding its parts plant to meet this new demand. Hyundai & Kia have grand plans to be a top manufacturer of EVs by 2025, and Hyundai Mobis' expansion will aid the Korean car company to reach that goal.

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New info from The Korea Herald reveals Hyundai Mobis, the largest auto parts maker in South Korea, will invest $30 million to expand its EV parts plant. Over $254 million got invested in an EV parts plant in Chungju and Ulsan. The Chungju plant is responsible for many of Hyundai Motor's hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle parts, and the Ulsan plant is the main plant that provides parts for Hyundai Motors as a whole.

Hyundai Mobis BuildingHyundai Mobis Plant Expansion

With Hyundai-Kia's lofty goals to become a top-three global EV manufacturer by 2025, Hyundai Mobis had no choice but to kick it into high gear as EVs' demand is not letting up. Hyundai Mobis aims to produce 150,000 EV modules annually in a parts plant in Pyeongtaek by the second half of 2021. The goal for Hyundai Mobis is to double output capacity at the Pyeongtaek plant by 2026.

Plant expansions aside, Hyundai Mobis will also increase investments in developing chassis modules and smart cabin systems. This investment is for all-electric models and not just for specific autonomous vehicles Hyundai Motors works on.

Hyundai Mobis Conclusion

Hyundai & Kia add up to 90% of overall sales for supplier Hyundai Mobis. With the Korean auto company's ambition to be a top global EV manufacturer, it's no surprise the supplier needs to grow with the automaker. If you're an investor, you might want to put your money on Korea.

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