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Will Nissan Challenge Tesla With New At-Home Battery?

Tesla gets most of the press, but there’s another automaker making at-home battery options for consumers. What is Nissan up to?

Nissan UK just announced it has its own rechargeable home battery. They call it xStorage. The system was developed in collaboration with Eaton and designed in the UK at Nissan Design Europe in London. Nissan says it’s designed to be the most reliable and affordable energy storage system in the market today. It will help consumers avoid expensive energy tariff periods.

How much does it cost?

The new Nissan xStorage costs roughly $4,500 for 4.2 kWh of energy storage. This includes the price of installation. Will it rival Tesla? Tesla's Powerwall costs $3,000 for 6.4 kWh of storage, not factoring installation costs, so it’s close after installation costs are factored in.

Not available in the US

Nissan says their new xStorage battery will only currently be available in Europe. Nissan doesn’t have any plans yet to bring it over to the United States. This will likely change as they test the new xStorage and its perfected in Europe first. The Japanese automaker is taking pre-orders in September to put the batteries in residential homes.

Will they be able to challenge Tesla with their new in-home battery? Nissan is attempting to set itself apart as a more sustainable battery provider by powering its units with 12 battery modules from Leaf electric cars, rather than brand new cells. With their taking 34 percent of Mitsubishi Motors, they will have access to their technology moving forward. Stay tuned.

Source: Nissan

Image source: Nissan