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Watch Valet take customers BMW M4 for a joy ride in a parking garage [video]

The owner of this new 2015 BMW M4 couldn’t have been happy after a valet takes his new car for a joyride. Watch the video.


You can’t blame this valet for getting excited about driving a new BMW M4, but he went a little too far. After getting in the customers M4, the valet video tapes his comments of the performance car as he tries to do a “review” of the car as he’s driving through the underground parking garage. Check out the full version below.

After a brief and inaccurate description of the cars functions, steering wheel and engine specs, a co-worker joins the ride and continues to film the adventure. As his buddy encourages him to push the car faster, the valet then drives the M4 recklessly and faster than anyone should in a covered garage with cars so close by.

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The next day after the “test drive” the valet publishes the video on Youtube and gets caught after it goes viral. Its been reported that the valet company was able to identify the valet and he was promptly fired. We don’t know if the owner found out, but if he did, he was not likely very happy. Would you hand over your M4 to a 22 year-old valet?