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Video: Here’s a Subaru Driving School you want to avoid

Subaru produced a 2016 Forester Wild Driving School video: Be careful, the brutal driving school is in session.


Subaru’s new 2016 Forester Wild Driving School is a little scary for its young students, and it's a driving school you might want to avoid. Subaru Japan just produced a video showing Forester’s go-anywhere attitude and Subaru’s Wild Driving School is a good place to teach it to students. This school is brutal and the star student bleeds from the tough experience in the classroom.

Anytime there is barbed wire around a school should be the first clue this is no ordinary driving school. As one student finds out, this is not a place for the faint of heart. Even though the video below is in Japanese, you get a good idea of how challenging this school really is. The student survives the driving instructor and the 2016 Forester on the off-road course, but the classroom seatbelt session is a little on the extreme side. Check out how one student barely survives the Wild Driving School.

The 2016 Subaru Forester could use some driving instruction as it requires some skill to take it off-road. Forester’s X Mode works for extreme off-pavement situations. Why does Subaru bother with the X Mode system? Most SUV owners never take their vehicle off-road, but there are some Forester enthusiasts that are a different breed and they use their SUV for extreme sports in the mountains.

Subaru is brilliant in marketing to a younger generation who won’t be sitting on the couch just watching extreme sports. These younger owners will use the small crossover to enjoy extreme winter sports themselves in the mountains around the globe for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. They will also use the new Forester for summer sporting activities like hiking, biking, trail running and back country fishing trips.

Subaru’s 2016 Forester Wild Driving School video is a spoof but it would be a good idea if they leave out the brutal seatbelt session. This is episode 02, stay tuned for more extreme instruction.

Source: Subaru On-Tube