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Is crazy extreme X Mode really needed on the 2016 Subaru Forester?

Most 2016 Subaru Foresters owners will never take their SUV and do extreme off-roading. Why does Subaru bother with the extreme X Mode feature?

The Subaru Forester is one of the most researched vehicles on the web, but is it really sought after for it’s extreme off-road abilities? Subaru’s all-wheel-drive vehicles have a reputation as go-anywhere work horses and Forester leads the way for the brand. Subaru Forester features an extreme off-road system called X-Mode on their fourth generation small SUV that is used in extreme off road situations. Will most owners ever put their SUV through extreme situations?

Stunt driver Ben Collins test drove the all-new 2016 Subaru Forester in the UK recently to show how the extreme system works. He took it to a Welsh slate mine where the terrain is extreme and full of steep roads. He pushed the AWD Forester to the limits and uses X-Mode to get him through the ridiculously steep mining roads. Check out the video below.

How does X- Mode work?

When the wheels begin to slide or slip, the X Mode switch located near the gear shift, allows the driver to keep his foot off the brake and let the system do the work. This allows the driver to keep their attention on the road. It’s used in the most extreme off-road situations and many Forester owners will never even use the system. Why does Subaru bother with the X Mode system? Most SUV owners never take their vehicle off-road, but there are some Subaru owners that are a different breed and they will use the Forester for extreme sports in the mountains.

This new generation of Forester owners won’t be sitting on the couch just watching extreme sports. These owners will use the small crossover to enjoy extreme winter sports themselves in the mountains around the globe for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. They will also use the new Forester for summer sporting activities like hiking, biking, trail running and back country fishing trips.

Most Forester owners will never use X Mode, but there are some who will and will encounter unpaved back country roads that are slippery and uneven and the X Mode will get them up high into the mountains and away from civilization. Like Ben Collins says, “What a way to be rewarded.”

Media source: The Telegraph


James Mitchell (not verified)    December 28, 2017 - 5:49PM

I am driving a 2016 Forester now. Had snow and ice in Seattle this week. X-Mode allowed me to go down icy hills in compete security. I was the only one to make it through. Same with parking, driveways, all the problem spots that can be found in any city that experiences snowy winters. I'm an absolute fan.