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Video: Here’s how not to drive a BMW M3 on the Nurburgring

See how not to drive a BMW M3 or any performance vehicle on the Nurburgring. Video

The Nuburgring is a great place for drivers to take their BMW M3 where they can test the capabilities of the car and driver. The M3 E46 is a fantastic car with plenty of performance to attack the Nurburgring with. But any driver can let all that power get away especially in the corners.

When you have too much throttle coming out of the corner, it’s easy to lose control and spin out. That’s exactly what happens to this M3 driver who see’s the straight ahead and gives it too much pedal coming out of the curves. Watch what happens in the video below.

The driver begins to lose control of the rear-drive M3 and with multiple cars following close behind, he loses traction and spins around sliding across the grass and then the rear hits the protection fence hard. Fortunately, no other cars were involved in this accident, and they all squeak through unscathed. The rear of the silver BMW M3 is torn up badly, but the performance car can still be driven. It’s a good thing this driver tested his skills on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and not on the street like this driver here.

Media source: Erich Muller Sassen