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Ugliest Nissan Ever Wins Photo Shoot Magazine Cover

Have you ever wanted a rare 1991 Nissan Figaro? We didn’t think so.

It’s hard to believe Nissan produced this car back in 1991 but they did. Now the ugly car from Nissan wins Highway Earth’s photo shoot and makes the cover of their magazine. With so many other cool cars to choose from, we can’t imagine why it would make the cover, but it did.

Why is the car so rare?

It’s a rare pale aqua-colored 1991 Nissan Figaro, It’s one of only 8,000 cars initially made by Nissan’s Pike Factory. What are the ugly little cars worth? They were made in the UK and a quick list of cars for sale says the most expensive used 91’ Figaro sells for 7995 British Pounds ($11,675 US) in the UK. So the two-door minis aren’t all that valuable. Why is Highway Earth so enamored with the little Nissan runabout?

It makes the cover of Highway Earth

We aren’t sure about this either. They picked the Nissan when they had a chance to choose any one of 150 limited entrants for the “highly anticipated” car show in LA on June 26. It’s held along the 1.2-mile lake at Franklin Canyon Park (2600 Franklin Canyon Dr.) in Beverly Hills. It’s the third annual Highway Earth Classic Car Show.

Get this, one of the cars at the show is a cool Pantera originally owned by Elvis Presley. Legend has it that the vehicle’s steering wheel still retains bullet holes acquired through Presley’s frustration when the vehicle would not start and he pulled out his revolver and shot it! Now that would be the vehicle for the cover a magazine.

Highway Earth founder Evan Klein says, “We’re proud to showcase the creativity and innovation of the car world of SoCal.” We can’t imagine why Southern Californians would be excited to see a pale aqua-colored 1991 Nissan Figaro built in the UK. And be on the cover of a magazine? Only in the land of fruits and nuts.

Source: Highway Earth

Image source: Highway Earth


Brian (not verified)    May 22, 2016 - 3:08AM

The author claims to have 28+ years of auto industry and journalism experience. After all that time, you'd think he would be able to do 5 minutes of research and get his facts straight.

First, there were 20,000 Figaros produced (the initial plans for 8,000 were increased due to popular demand; the demand was so strong that Nissan held a lottery to select the buyers). The car was made in Japan, not in the UK. The one shown above is not "pale aqua." It is "lapis gray."

As for this hack's opinion that the car is ugly, that's a word rarely applied to the Figaro. "Cute," "adorable," "goofy," perhaps. But ugly? The Figaro is credited with kicking off the retro design craze, as it was followed within a few years by the Chrysler PT Cruiser, the VW New Beetle, the Ford Thunderbird, the Chevy HHR, etc. It is a cheerful little car that makes people smile. Women and children universally adore it. Ugly? Pfffft!

caroline caraccio (not verified)    May 22, 2016 - 4:24AM

Erm......check your facts, Denis. The Nissan Figaro was indeed made in 1991. In Japan. There were 20,000 made at the time in four colours. The average price for a good one in the UK is around £4500. They are a charming little car and make people smile. And yes, I own one.