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Subaru Outback Smokes The Field Again As Best Global All-Terrain Vehicle

The Subaru Outback could be the best all-around all-terrain family vehicle. See where it gets another global award for its AWD capabilities.

Consumers looking for a good family vehicle that will take you anywhere off the beaten path can find it as close as your Subaru dealer. Even though its not one of the top brands in Russia, the 2019 Subaru Outback is named the best all-terrain vehicle again according to the “Car of the Year in Russia” awards. It’s not the first time Outback SUV/Crossover has received this award. Outback was recognized as the best in the category “All-terrain vehicles” for the sixth time since 2005.

Outback brought Subaru its eleventh victory

Car of the Year in Russia is a unique research project that studies the preferences of car enthusiasts across the country. This award is a big deal where over a million people voted for the best cars. This is the nineteenth year of the awards and the Subaru brand has scored eleven times since 2003.

More Subaru victories

Awards "Car of the Year" of previous years:
2018: Subaru XV - the best compact SUV
2017: Subaru Outback - the best all-terrain wagon
2016: Subaru Outback - the best all-terrain wagon
2015: Subaru Forester - SUV of the year (light SUV)
2014: Subaru Forester - SUV of the year (light SUV)
2011: Subaru Outback - best off-road wagon
2007: Subaru Legacy Outback - the best all-terrain vehicle
2006: Subaru Forester - SUV of the year (light SUV)
2005: Subaru Legacy Outback - the best station wagon
2003: Subaru Impreza - the best in the category "small middle class”

AWD sets Subaru apart

All Subaru vehicles including the 2019 Outback SUV come standard with the brand’s Symmetrical all-wheel-drive. The AWD system was perfected in the 90s on global rally stages running their Impreza WRX hard on snow, loose dirt, and gravel. The Subaru motorsports division continues to perfect it on extreme events today.

The techniques learned from the performance-tuned WRX STI filters down to the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek all-wheel-drive hardware you drive on the street today. It’s not an accident that Subaru smokes the SUV field and picks up another best all-terrain award. Building tough all-wheel-drive vehicles is one of the brand’s core values. Subaru brings an improved all-wheel-drive 2020 Outback for customers this summer.

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We are wondering how many owners actually use their SUV for serious off-road recreation?
Love driving in the cascades in my Crosstrek! Subaru for life!
May I ask why we care about the brands from Russia? Is Chevrolet or Ford a top brand of Russia? Seriously? How disappointing.
Yes, you can ask Dave. We couldn't care less about what brands sell in Russia. It makes the point that Subaru isn't even in the top 25 brands and Outback still wins a huge award. It's not disappointing when you understand what's going on...Thanks for reading!
On my third Subi, currently driving an Outback 3.6 flat six. Great cars, durable and great resale. Been living in or near the Sierras since '93 and NEVER have I put chains on one.
We have two Subaru’s. They are outstanding. I feel sorry for those who buy a lesser competitor.