Subaru defeats 11 top brands to win another prestigious award
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Subaru defeats 11 top brands to win another prestigious award [video]

The 2015 Subaru Forester, XV Crosstrek and Outback impress customers six different ways. Why does Subaru have the most satisfied customers of any auto brand?

Subaru has done it again and is receiving more global awards for their multi-purpose all-wheel-drive vehicles. Subaru Wins Australia’s Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers Award” with the 2015 Forester, XV Crosstrek and Outback SUVs and AWD vehicles. This is the second consecutive year Subaru has walked away with this award from Canstar Blue, a respected retail finance researcher, achieving outstanding five-star results.

What’s the award about?

Subaru has the most satisfied customers in Australia of any automaker. Subaru recorded perfect five-star ratings for overall customer satisfaction, value-for-money, point of sale service, after sale service, reliability and performance. In addition, Subaru also beat 11 other leading brands in Australia to win Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Performance, incorporating all vehicle models. The brand again achieved a perfect five stars.
Three new AWD models

Subaru redesigned the Forester in 2014 and Outback wagon for the 2015 model year. XV Crosstrek was launched in 2012 and continues to be a top seller for the brand. All three models are keeping Subaru at the top of the customer satisfaction list as they offer unique options for Australian and other customers around the globe.

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Subaru Australia Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “In our SUV range, Forester has been independently recognized multiple times by the national motoring organizations as a best car in its class, while new technologies such as fuel-saving Auto Stop Start in some XVs and the EyeSight driver assist system in some Outbacks are proof that our engineers are continually striving to enhance the customer experience in very real, yet affordable, ways.”

Subaru brand offers value

Subaru customers told Canstar that performance and value are important when they bought their new all-wheel-drive vehicles. Megan Doyle, Canstar Blue Business Unit Leader said, “To record five-star ratings across the board is not only a fantastic achievement but also a great endorsement of the Subaru brand. We know that the performance of their new vehicle is of the utmost importance to SUV drivers, but they also want to know they are getting good value for money, and that’s exactly what they told us they are getting from Subaru.”

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Subaru has created a niche market for the multi-purpose vehicles and customers in Australia are happy with the way they perform. Subaru has one of the highest customer retention rates in the auto industry and the two customer satisfaction awards from retail finance researcher Canstar Blue, is another affirmation to the Subaru brand that they are doing things right most of the time.
The 2015 Subaru Forester, XV Crosstrek and Outback are leading the way and impressing customers with their performance and value.

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I'm impressed with the Subaru. Did it have OEM tires on it? Yokohama Geolanders 91f?