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Subaru Can You Squeeze Any Harder?

Subaru of America has demonstrated remarkable resilience, managing to maintain its winning streak with the smallest of sales increases. In this June report, I will delve into the strategies that enabled this achievement.

Retailers, can you squeeze a little harder?

Subaru of America (SOA) squeezed as hard as possible and eeked out a 0.1 percent increase in June sales to keep its consecutive winning streak alive. The Camden, N.J. automaker now has 23 straight months of yearly month-over-month growth. 

SOA reported 55,228 vehicle sales for June 2024 compared with June 2023 (55,168). That is a mere 60 additional vehicle sales increase to keep the streak alive. Can you get any closer than that? 

Here's how they did it

The Outback midsize SUV, Crosstrek subcompact SUV, and Forester compact SUV are keeping SOA's momentum going. It's no surprise; it's been that way all year.

Subaru of America says, "For the second month in a row, Outback was the top seller with 16,853 vehicles sold, followed closely by Crosstrek, which had its best June ever with 15,132 vehicles sold, a 9.6 percent increase over the same month in 2023. Forester also had a strong showing, with 11,108 vehicles sold, a 4.1 percent increase over June 2023. Solterra achieved its best June ever, up 115 percent over the previous year."

Still up for the year

SOA also reported year-to-date sales of 322,443, a 6.0 percent increase for the first six months of 2024.

President and Chief Operating Officer of Subaru of America, Jeff Walters, says, "Subaru retailers nationwide went above and beyond in June to overcome unexpected challenges, working closely with our corporate teams to deliver the twenty-third consecutive month of sales increases."

Reading between the lines

It sounds to me like Subaru's corporate teams helped its U.S. retailers raise their June sales numbers, but what they did to help is uncertain.

It's worth noting that the CDK cyberattack on U.S. auto dealers, which you may have heard about, could have potentially affected Subaru dealers. While Subaru did not provide specific details on the impact, it's likely that the attack disrupted operations and sales, contributing to the challenging conditions faced by retailers in June. 

Walters said, "Last month was also notable for releasing our annual Corporate Impact Report, detailing the results of our ongoing Subaru Love Promise initiatives and commitment to being More Than a Car Company." You can find out more in my Subaru corporate report here. 

Subaru's 3 Hot SUVs

The Subaru Outback stays on top.

The Outback was SOA's top seller again, with 16,853 vehicles sold in June compared with 16,225 models delivered in June 2023. Outback was second overall in SOA's lineup for the first six months, with 81,703 midsize SUVs delivered to customers. Outback increased 0.4 percent for the year. 

Crosstrek keeps pace

The newly remodeled 2024 Crosstrek subcompact SUV was the second best seller in June. SOA reports that 15,132 subcompact SUVs were delivered to customers in June 2024, compared with 13,802 in June 2023, a 9.6 percent increase. 

Crosstrek sales increased by 9.6 percent in the first six months of 2024, with 79,500 models sold compared with 76,130 in 2023. Along with Forester, Outback, and Solterra, Crosstrek is the fourth model to see an increase in sales for the first six months. 

Crosstrek had its best-ever June. 

The newly remodeled 2024 Crosstrek subcompact SUV stays hot. Unsurprisingly, the new rugged Crosstrek Wilderness trim level is sought-after. Crosstrek is the model most taken off-road by customers, and now outdoor enthusiasts have the Wilderness trim level that's already set up to get further off the trail. Read my report on Wilderness here.

Still neck and neck

The Outback (81,703) and Crosstrek (79,500) are neck-and-neck for the second-highest total sales volume for the year. The Outback moved ahead by 2,203 model sales through the first six months. This remains the race to watch. 

The Forester compact SUV slipped to third place in June as Subaru Corporation switched from the 2024 models to the all-new sixth-generation 2025 Forester. Subaru had to retool its assembly lines, slowing production, which is why the Forester lost its number-one spot.

SOA reports Forester sold 11,108 compact SUVs in June 2024, compared with 10,669 models delivered in June 2023. Forester increased 4.1 percent even with the shutdown of the 2024 models. The new 2025 Forester is available now. In my report, which you can read here, the first 2025 models arrived in June with significant upgrades.

The Forester has been the hottest model this year and has the second highest percentage of sales volume increase in the first six months. The Forester is the overall volume leader for SOA, with 92,849 models delivered to customers. Forester is now up 51.4 percent through the first six months of 2024. 

SOA gets the Solterra moving

It's not a surprise the Subaru Solterra EV achieved its best June ever, with 1,236 all-electric vehicles sold in June 2024 compared with 574 models delivered in June 2023. That's an increase of 115.3 percent over June 2023. 

The Solterra has increased 81.2 percent in the first six months of 2024, with 5,385 EVs sold to U.S. customers compared with 2,972 in 2023. This is the most significant percentage increase of any Subaru model this year. 

Why did Solterra sales take off?

As I reported last month, the Solterra is being offered with exceptional financing and lease terms now. Subaru of America made a concerted effort and incentivized the Solterra so U.S. retailers could move the 2023 and newly upgraded 2024 models.

It's still working. SOA is still offering 0% APR financing for 72 months. You can get that on the newly upgraded 2024 Solterra through July 31, 2024. Subaru says no down payment is required.

Subaru of America is also offering the 2024 Solterra for a 36-month $329-per-month lease with $0 down and $329 due at lease signing on some trim levels. Note: Make sure you read the fine print. 

Troy Poston, Senior Vice President of Sales at Subaru of America, says, "The first half of 2024 reaffirmed the demand for Subaru's growing lineup and the importance of our commitment to safety and longevity. Our strong partnership with our retailers helped ensure that customers could continue turning to Subaru as a trusted brand this June, and we look forward to even more people finding the right vehicle for their adventures as we roll into summer."

This is the June report for Subaru of America's top three selling SUVs and the Solterra EV. Come back tomorrow for more Subaru model sales performance updates on how it affects customers. 

Before you leave.

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I am Denis Flierl, a top Torque News reporter since 2012. I’ve invested over 13 years in the automotive industry in a consulting role, working with every major car brand. I am an experienced Rocky Mountain Automotive Press member. You'll find my expert Subaru analysis here. Follow me on my X SubaruReportAll Subaru, WRXSTI, @DenisFlierlFacebook, and Instagram.

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Bruce D Bailey (not verified)    July 4, 2024 - 1:42AM

Denis, I am driving my fourth Outback and I love it. It's a 2013 with the 3.6 R engine. I would like to see more length in the body than height as in the Forester. More foot room for the back passengers and more floor space in the cargo area. Then bring back the six cylinder engine. To me, that would be the perfect wagon.

Matt (not verified)    July 4, 2024 - 8:40PM

I worked for subaru. I can confirm subaru is not interested in huge number increases. They are playing the long game. They're one of the newest manufacturers to the american market and even a 1% increase in market share every few years is a massive win in their books. The north american market is very established and such a small, quality driven company selling as many cars as they do is a huge victory, especially when you consider that subaru owners keep their cars 8-12 years or so on average, as opposed to the 5-7 years of most other manufacturers. Theyre also more likely to only own one car. Subaru is seeing growth unlike any other manufacturer world wide.

Bob S (not verified)    July 5, 2024 - 7:20AM

I have been a Subaru enthusiast for several years and was considering purchasing a Crosstrek. My son has one and he swears by the Crosstrek for its size and performance. Because of the height I would like to purchase the Crosstrek Wilderness edition but I do not like high cladding on the doors. If SOA would make a delete option for the door cladding I would have made the purchase and boosted their numbers by 1 more sold. The high. cladding seems to be a common dislike with several people that I know. Please Subaru...Give a delete option for the high door cladding.

James Chapman (not verified)    July 6, 2024 - 12:10PM

Well with the prices of Subarus getting more expensive I don't see myself buying a new one in the future. My 2021 Crosstrek limited was 30k new and now I see them at 35k for the same I don't see paying for the same model just to have a newer model. No big changes to them and I'll just drive the one I have for the next 5 years. And with the Subaru service departments charging way to much to service them is another reason to keep the one I got and service it myself. That's one thing I do like about my Subaru it is easy to keep maintenanced.

Kenneth M McDonald (not verified)    July 7, 2024 - 12:19PM

I would choose the Forester. After owning an Outback for 3 years I determined I'd rather have a more capable off-roader that essentially has the same amount of cargo space. I just wish Subaru would offer a stronger optional engine again. The last generation that offered the XT was one of my favorites

NYRocks (not verified)    July 7, 2024 - 7:07PM

I would love to see a ZERO cladding Outback. Basically, back to the Legacy Wagon look. More city than country, for me, please.