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Nissan Frontier Overtakes Chevy Colorado. Can it Catch the Toyota Tacoma?

The 2016 Nissan Frontier had a spectacular August. Frontier beats the Chevy Colorado. Is the Tacoma next?

The aging 2016 Nissan Frontier needs a maker over but don’t tell mid-size truck buyers it’s getting old in the tooth. They snatched up a record number last month. Frontier even passed the Chevy Colorado in sales. Is the Tacoma next in its sights?

The 2016 Nissan Frontier had a 161.6 percent increase in sales over the same month (August) last year. Nissan sold 9,537 Frontier’s. It was enough to pass the Chevy Colorado which had 9,242 trucks sold in August. Year to date, Nissan is closing in on number two and is just a few thousand units behind the Colorado.

Nissan Frontier Overtakes Chevy Colorado. Can it Compete with the Tacoma?

Nissan has a long way to go to catch the Toyota Tacoma which has nearly twice the number of sales compared to the Frontier. But when the Frontier gets a complete remodel in 2018, it will give the Tacoma a run for its money.

If the aging Frontier is doing this good now, it will be a contender for the top mid-size truck when it hits Nissan showrooms sometime late next year. If Nissan can keep the remodeled 2018 Frontier’s price down, it will likely be one of the hottest trucks on the market.

Source: Nissan, Chevy, Toyota

Photo: Nissan