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The New Subaru Baja Wilderness You’ll Want To Play In The Dirt With This Summer

When will Subaru of America offer a new Subaru Baja Wilderness pickup? Here is a rendering that will make outdoor enthusiasts want to play in the dirt this summer.


What is the one all-wheel-drive Subaru model missing from Subaru of America's lineup? The Subaru Baja pickup is the hot model that would significantly impact U.S. customers this year. The image above from Battle Wagon Gang clearly represents a desirable 2024 Subaru Baja Wilderness trim level. It's what outdoor enthusiasts want and what Subaru of America needs.

It's time for Subaru of America to ask Subaru Corporation to return the Baja pickup to its lineup and build a new compact version for U.S. customers. Which model would be the best for urban and off-pavement adventures? The Japanese automaker could resurrect the Subaru Baja nameplate and should give it the Wilderness upgrades for outdoor and off-road enthusiasts.

2024 Subaru Baja Wilderness
Subaru Baja subcompact pickup - obw.adventures

Of course, the all-new 2024 Subaru Baja pickup would feature the brand's core values of safety, fun-to-drive, all-wheel-drive, fuel-efficient, a low center of gravity, and dual-function X-Mode for all-terrain capability. In addition, the new Baja pickup would be extra rugged and ready to go further off the grid.

Imagine an all-new 2024 Baja Wilderness with a 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer engine producing 260 horsepower. The more rugged Baja trim could lead the segment with extra ground clearance, all-terrain tires, and underbody protection for off-roaders. Subaru wouldn't be able to build them fast enough.

2024 Subaru Baja Wilderness
photo credit: @catchme_outback

Subaru's new dual-function X-Mode system would be a perfect fit and a big hit with customers with active lifestyles who want to go further off-road. Because the Subaru Global Platform provides model flexibility between the Subaru of Indiana Automotive's assembly lines and the Subaru plant in Japan, the pickup truck could be built in the U.S. plant.

It could be manufactured alongside the all-new Crosstrek Sport in Lafayette, Indiana, with a re-tuned 2.5-liter four-cylinder Boxer engine for power for standard trim levels. The compact Baja Wilderness would have the 2.4-liter turbo and sit higher off the ground with at least 9.2 inches of rock-clearing ground clearance.

It's time for Subaru of America to offer an all-new 2024 Subaru Baja compact pickup with a Wilderness Edition for its customers in North America and dive into the untapped compact pickup market. Would you buy an all-new Baja pickup with a rugged Wilderness Edition? Leave your comments below.

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Photo credit: main image Battle Wagon Gang


MikeL (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 11:48AM

I owned a 2004 Baja Turbo. It was a fun truck to drive on my daily commute, and surprised a lot of people with it's quickness. As a suburban hauler, it fit my needs to move weekend project materials, as well as handling all my fishing gear while seating 4 adults. I put 240K miles on that little truck! I for one would jump at a new version of the Baja!!!

Jerry (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 5:47PM

I would buy it tomorrow!! Planning on a Santa Cruz in a few months but would wait for the Subaru if they are going to get it done

David Masters (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 5:54PM

I had a Brat when I was about 18. Now I am 54 and I really miss it everyday since I wrecked it when I was about 20. I really want this 2024 Subaru Baja Wilderness as soon as it's available. Please keep me up to date. Thanks!

Steve DuVal (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 7:12PM

I'm still driving the 2003 Subaru Baja I bought, new, 20 YEARS, I don't plan to buy one, but most people should. I can even carry my riding lawn mower in the cargo area.

Scott (not verified)    May 17, 2023 - 11:45PM

In reply to by Steve DuVal (not verified)

Purchased my 2003 baja October 2002 and have 197,000 miles on it. Runs great and I'm sure I'll get another 100,000 miles. Would like to purchase a new one.

Julie (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 7:20PM

I am definitely interested in it. Right now my family of three own three of them. They are showing wear. Maintenance is becoming more frequent. We all really love our Bajas and can’t imagine to have anything different. If it is true I would love to have information on them.
Julie Baja family

Steven Shriver (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 11:22PM

Having Subaru bring back the Baja would be a good challenge. Having several small off road pickups already in the market would pose an interesting quandary for Subaru. The price tag would have to be as the rest are or lower than the others. Even though enthusiast's would like to see another Baja they will still scrutinize a high price.

Juan (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 11:30PM

It's not going to happen. There was a Baja years ago and they were not even selling 10,000 units a year. Look at Honda with the Ridgeline, they came out with a second generation Ridgeline and it is not profitable with low sales.

Lorenza McCants (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 11:42PM

I currently own an XV Crosstrek. I am a big fan of the Baja and its predecessor, The Brat. I would do love to see a new Subie pickup on the market in the states. I know they'd sell a bunch.

Great article!

Yvette (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 12:44AM

I definitely would buy one! I want a truck, but I love so much about my Subaru Legacy limited; no truck compares. Here's hoping for the Subaru Baja to become a reality!

D Y (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 12:51AM

It used to be that AWD would leave you stranded when conditions got rough enough. This the reason to differentiate between AWD and RWD.

With all the new technology available, has that changed?

Lubacca (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 5:00AM

On two conditions:
1. Absolutely non-negotiable, it MUST have the 6MT WITH the hill holder. (LOVE IT)
2. Can we PLEASE! have a hydrogen BURNING engine, NOT fuel cell. Maybe Yamaha can offer some solutions.
Or Toyota can take all the credit again..
Thank you in advance.

P.S.-I'm so tired of forking my life savings over to the oil barons of yesteryear, in order to pollute our wonderful planet and keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay. We have electric tennis rackets people, let's start using them..
Maybe by then those skeeters will have grown to the size birds and we can finally find them easier.

P.p.s.- I'm just another woke Millennial, please don't hate. Just venting a little.

Thank you, and God speed! Or whatever..

BillKZ (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 5:22AM

A cab-and-a-half with rear dog doors (suicide doors), a 5ft bed, and anything but a CVT would get my interest.

Chris Mannix (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 5:53AM

Would definitely be interested in Subaru bringing back the Baja. Would be a game changer in small pickup the maverick from Ford.

Roger Hams (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 7:57AM

I'm interested. If they make it smaller like the Brat with 40 mpg , I'll take one now.
Just chop the rear portion off the Impreza. I don't even need the seats in the bed.

Mike VanNatta (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 8:25AM

I’d be interested in the Subaru compact pickup.
Our family has owned a number of Subarus, including legacy, Forrester, Outback and Ascent.

Jonathan Eckroth (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 8:34AM

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't give my money away fast enough for a Baja wilderness edition... under one stipulation... It needs a manual transmission option!!!! I just bought a WRX and can't get enough time behind the wheel. If they offered a Baja with off road capabilities I'd be all in.

Will Agger (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 8:48AM

If Subaru makes a small all wheel drive, hybrid pickup truck, many, many will buy, especially in the upper latitudes of North America where the snow seasons are long and distances are great.

Christine (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 9:15AM

We have a 2004 Baja and in two years when we finish paying for our Outback Onyx would love to upgrade to a Baja Wilderness. One of our children would love to inherit it!

ERIC SMUCKER (not verified)    February 27, 2023 - 9:19AM

Vehicle in top picture is mess up. Why is there a second set of doors? I know the Baja had 4 doors. But look hard at picture what’s up with the rear door on the blue Baja?