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NBA Star Kawhi Leonard Signs $103M Contract, Buys "Lightly Scratched" Subaru Forester

When you are an NBA star you can drive whatever you want. Surprisingly, Kawhi Leonard drives a previously owned 2016 Subaru Forester.

Kawhi Leonard signed a three-year $103 million contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, but a report from the Onion says the NBA star just bought a 2016 Subaru Forester SUV. We can’t figure out why unless he wants to cruise the LA Boulevard anonymously. No one would ever look for a big-time NBA basketball player to be driving around in a boring Quartz Blue Pearl Compact SUV. Why not buy a new-generation 2019 Forester if you want a small SUV?

The 2016 Subaru Forester will be a sleeper and he likely won’t be recognized anywhere he goes. With $103 Million in his pocket, the report says Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard vowed not to let his new surroundings change him, and he doesn’t want to “succumb to the glitzy L.A. lifestyle.” The Forester is about as far away from “showtime” as you can get.

2019 Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester

Apparently, Kawhi Leonard is one of the most down-to-earth star athletes on the planet. A story on the NBA star from CNBC reported Leonard drove the same beat-up SUV (a 1997 Chevy Tahoe) he’d had since high school. He nicknamed it the “Gas Guzzler,” and had it since he was a teenager. Leonard told Sports Illustrated, “It runs … and it’s paid off,” when asked why a professional athlete making millions would hang onto a nearly 20-year-old SUV.

Kawhi Leonard

Leonard, who won a championship with the Spurs, grew up in Moreno Valley, near Riverside California so he knows what the LA lifestyle is like. He can drive his “lightly scratched” blue Forester and not have to worry about getting an expensive sports car damaged.

2019 Subaru Forester

So now it makes sense why Kawhi Leonard would purchase a 2016 Subaru Forester with scratches in the paint. He really is a humble NBA superstar and doesn’t need an expensive luxury car to feel good about himself. Now that’s refreshing.

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If you just signed a $103M NBA contract, what car(s) would you buy?!
I sure wouldn't be quoting the Onion as a source...
You know that The Onion is a satire web site right?
Do you realize the onion is a satirical website and produces comical articles just for laughs? They aren't real news articles.
An Onion article? Really? Reeeeeally???
I would buy Just what I Like "A 2015 Subaru Forester" Money don't define who I am" I am very sure he thought about it and in the end he is living his best life.
Of course---a Subaru, too! But my chauffeur would probably enjoy a brand new one...!
I'll buy a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Touring. Because I need to help a lot of family and friends
Dave, I would check the source for your material. The onion is a fake, funny news/article site. You can look it up on Wikipedia or anything else. I would take this down because it's completely false.
"The Onion" is reporting this? You do realize the onion is a news satire site, right? One of their other current headlines is, "EPA administrator proves carbon emissions not harmful by inhaling directly from truck's tailpipe." You might as well be citing Mad Magazine as a source.
You do realize that the Onion is Satire.. not a legitimate news site
Whatever I wanted and it doesn't need to be expensive not trying to see who has the nicer car.
The onion is a spoof website. They are known for being the Masters of Fake News. The writer of this article got "pwned"!
The Onion is a satire site. Is torque news now satire too?
You guys known The Onion is a satire site, right?
Y'all know The Onion is a satire site, right?
My lacrosse team won a championship, I drove a 10 speed bicycle the rest of that summer.
Y'all realize that the Onion is literally a joke news source and this story is made up right?
Check your sources. The Onion???
The Onion is ALL satire!
Did you just write an actual article based on a story from The Onion? Really???
Calling an article from The Onion "a report" is like calling a Chris Rock Set a keynote to the UN
I’m hoping the writer/editor know the Onion is a spoof website. Hopefully i’m just missing the tongue-in-cheekiness here :)
A report from the Onion? It is to laugh.
The Onion is a satire news page. They literally make up jokes and report it as news.... And you reported this as news. Dennis, you're a fucking idiot.
The Onion, you're quoting from The Onion? LOL
WHAT!?!?! A NBA player SAVING HIS MONEY like a Normal person!?!?! DISGUSTIN!!!!
He most recently won a championship with the Toronto Raptors. I figure if you're only going to be talking about 1 championship then you'd reference the most recent one (it's still only a few months ago) - not one from a few years ago.
Seriously, the Onion as a news source?