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Mercedes SLS AMG takes on fastest road circuit in the U.S.

Mercedes-AMG will be bringing all 20 of the high-performance AMG vehicles including the 2014 SLS AMG to the U.S. for testing at the fastest road circuit in the U.S.


Mercedes-AMG will be out in Willow Springs, California next week putting Affalterbach’s finest to the test. They will also bring the vaunted 2014 SLS AMG. All 20 of their high-performance vehicles will be at Willow Springs International Raceway to test their performance at the racing circuit. Just having one AMG vehicle to drive at the track would be worth it, but having all 20 would be a dream come true.

Mercedes-AMG didn’t say exactly what the’ll be doing with the high-performance cars from Affalterbach, but we can bet it will involve some high speed testing. And there isn’t a better place than Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR). It’s known as the “fastest road in the west.”

WSIR is a super-fast 2.5-mile, nine-turn road racing circuit, patterned after the great courses and road racing traditions of Europe, and remains unchanged from its original 1953 configuration. It includes substantial elevation changes and allows for high average speeds. It’s no wonder AMG wanted to bring their cars to this track. Willow Springs is one of the fastest and most challenging tracks in the country.

The Mercedes AMG cars will see cornering speeds on the track range from about 70 mph to over 170 mph, with straightaway speeds nearing 200 mph possible. There isn’t a better place on the planet to put the AMG performance to the test. It should be an exciting week as all 20 AMG cars take to the fastest road circuit in the U.S.

The AMG model range offers an expansive range of vehicle offerings and is now larger and more diverse than ever before. The range now comprises 20+ AMG high-performance vehicles ranging from 310 w kW (422 hp) to 552 kW (751 hp). The selection of models on offer includes saloons, coupes and SUVs as well as roadsters and also the SLS AMG, the first vehicle developed independently by Mercedes-AMG.

Each AMG model is an all-round performance sports car with “exctantalizing” engine sound, excellent handling with unique power delivery. They all come with the outstanding Mercedes-Benz workmanship and embody the levels of engineering and quality craftsmanship which are typical of the AMG brand.

It should be an exciting week at Willow Springs International Raceway as Mercedes-AMG puts the 2014 SLS AMG and all their high-performance cars to the test on the ultra-fast race circuit.

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