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Mercedes is the coolest brand with help from the CLA-Class

The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Coupe is a cool car and has helped Mercedes be voted Britain’s coolest full-line car brand.

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The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Coupe is a cool car for a cool new generation of buyers. And it’s helping the brand become even cooler. How is the new four-door coupe helping Mercedes? The German automaker has come away being voted the “Coolest Full-Line Car Brand” in the UK’s annual CoolBrands list. Mercedes-Benz has the highest position of any “full-line” automotive brand.

This year, Mercedes-Benz has delivered a wealth of new models to UK customers including, the new A-Class compact hatchback, compact CLA four-door coupe, New E-Class family, GL-Class SUV, the stunning new S-Class luxury saloon.  The exciting GLA premium compact SUV will arrive in spring 2014.

The new CLA-Class isn’t the only cool car from Mercedes, but it is prominent in help[ing the brand move forward as they attract new millennial buyers who have never purchased a Mercedes vehicle before. It comes with a cool new coupe body style and technology for a new generation.

Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and CEO Mercedes-Benz UK, commented on the brands success in the UK, “Mercedes-Benz is breaking one sales record after another in the UK – we’re the fastest-growing premium manufacturer, and AMG is the UK’s fastest-growing high performance brand.

The new CLA-Class will help Mercedes attract more new buyers to the brand than ever before. Marcus Breitschwerdt continued: “It’s really great to see that as well as attracting more new customers to our brand, our efforts have been identified by a panel of expert judges and 3,000 consumers.”

Apple was the number one brand on the list, but the Mercedes position of 11th on the list shows a climb of five places over its 2012 CoolBrands debut, and is the highest position of any “full-line” automotive brand on the list. The award shows that Mercedes is a car company with a wide range of exciting new models and is on the move around the globe. 

Mercedes is a brand to keep your eye on in the future. They will likely be the number one luxury automaker in the world by 2015. Their showrooms are full of the “coolest car” they’ve ever made. The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is one of the coolest and should help launch the brands image towards future success.

Watch "Barriers" -- Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Commercial video.

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