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A Major Shakeup At Subaru Of America - Tom Doll Is Out, A New CEO Is In

Subaru of America announced it has a new President and CEO. Tom Doll is out, and Tadashi Yoshida is the new CEO. See what's next for the Camden, N.J. automaker.

It's a big announcement day for Subaru Corporation and Subaru of America (SOA). First, Subaru Corporation announced it has a new President and CEO, and SOA announced it has a new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Subaru says effective April 1, Tom Doll, President, and Chief Executive Officer, will step down from the company's day-to-day management and assume the role of Corporate Advisor based at the Camden headquarters.

Also effective April 1, Tadashi "Tady" Yoshida will be promoted to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Subaru of America from his current position of Executive Vice President. Yoshida is a 34-year veteran with Subaru Corp. and has been with SOA for two years. He previously held executive positions within Subaru in Overseas Sales and Marketing, Global Marketing, and the Customer Service Division.

2023 Subaru CEO Change

Tom Doll has been at the helm of Subaru of America since 2009 and was the driving force in lifting the brand to its current status in the U.S. market. Doll led Subaru of America to 12 consecutive years of sales records from 2008 to 2019 when the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production.

Tomomi Nakamura, President and CEO of Subaru Corporation, said, "Tom is truly a great contributor. I am deeply grateful for his long-time dedication that has made Subaru what we are today. His commitment and friendship have helped to grow Subaru of America into a strong position in the U.S. market and created a valued brand. But his leadership and the creation of the Love Promise initiative have truly elevated Subaru to be more than a car company."

2023 Subaru of America CEO Change

Subaru also announced that Jeffrey A. Walters, currently Senior Vice President of Sales, will be promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer. Walters has more than 30 years of experience with SOA. Before becoming Senior Vice President in 2014, Walters worked as Vice President, Field Operations. Previously, he was Director, Field Operations, Regional Sales Manager, and Brand Strategy Manager.

It's a new day at Subaru Corporation and Subaru of America as the current CEOs will soon step down and younger men take over. Look for significant changes in the electrification of Subaru models. Stay tuned.

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John Manvell (not verified)    March 4, 2023 - 7:38AM

Work on reliability of the cars, more efficient ICE, hybrids and bring back manual transmissions. American that actually drive and love their cars could not care less about all electric vehicles.

Martha (not verified)    March 25, 2023 - 4:16PM

In reply to by John Manvell (not verified)

Agree with comment especially when put iut vehicles they know have kinks to work out but put out the cars for sale anyway or KNOW there are problems with heating/cooling system but continue to sell the cars anyway.

Martha Domingu… (not verified)    March 25, 2023 - 4:13PM

Fix your heating system. No gauge to tell you car is getting hot until you blow a head gasket. Twice now with 2 subarus, a forester (2002) and then an outback (2014). Also poor electrical system; faulty windows system..sometimes able to close or open, horn not working, bluetooth no longer functioning, Minimum 1 year and frequent replacement of light bulbs. often. Very disappointed
and now switching to Toyota. Poor service from subaru dealer repair/service dept , Serramonte Subaru) and poor professionalism from business to business as failed to respond to 2 messages regarding a transmission code faulty system.

Katie Pecson (not verified)    June 23, 2023 - 5:17PM

Also address sudden unintended acceleration and the consumer's ability to access their own (rightfully owned) EDR data. The current system leaves Subaru "investigating" Subaru without any oversight, conveniently & consistently stating it's "pedal misapplication" despite multiple reports to the contrary. If you stand behind your investigation, release the data to the owners otherwise it stinks of poor integrity.

Deborah Sullivan (not verified)    December 18, 2023 - 3:44PM

Please do more to fix battery drainage problem. We love our 2019 Outback, but found the battery dead this morning. The battery is only 2 months old. This is our second battery (other replaced 2-24-22) after sitting out for a week at the airport. We did not respond to the battery settlement, because we had no previous problem, and assumed the battery drained from sitting out in the cold for a week (wrong assumption?). Now we wonder, after 2 months, what is causing it to drain so quickly? This is our first Subaru. We purchased a Subaru because of its great reputation, but feel very disappointed today. I spent the day researching the issue and read many other disappointed reviews. Please create a recall and fix this problem.

Bruce Garlock (not verified)    March 30, 2024 - 7:11AM

In reply to by Deborah Sullivan (not verified)

I have a theory on the battery drain. There is a battery which connects to the DCM for starlink (lithium). If that battery dies, then the Starlink system draws from the main battery, which eventually drains it. Have the DCM lithium battery replaced.

ASPCA IS RACIST (not verified)    January 9, 2024 - 6:13PM

Subaru has a relationship with the most racist nonprofit in the United States, ASPCA.

ASPCA has a Routinely abused, black and brown employees calling employees, sexual chocolate and hanging a noose in their office
Reviews show ASPCA , denying black and brown families, applications, and Adoptions because of the color of their skin. Why is Subaru supporting the most racist nonprofit in the United States?

ASPCA IS RACIST (not verified)    January 9, 2024 - 6:15PM


ASPCA leaders have routinely, abused, black and brown employees and applicants for Adoptions simply because of the color of their skin.

ASPCA Calls employees sexual chocolate and hung a noose in the ASPCA office in New York

ASPCA has racial discrimination suit filed currently why is Subaru still supporting them?