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Insanity helps 2015 Mercedes C-Class lose weight and get more agile

The next-generation 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is coming early next year with a new lightweight frame and new suspension.

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If the Insanity workout is good for humans it should also work for the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The German automaker revealed some more new facts about the new 2015 C-Class, and it will be lighter and have sportier driving dynamics. Like many Americans exercising with Shaun T, the new-generation C-Class is losing weight and will be more agile than before. Those are good things for both driving pleasure and it will also help at the gas pump. The 2015 C-Class will be getting a new aluminum hybrid body which is a key weight reduction factor.

Mercedes tells us the new body and body shell will be lighter and be more rigid which will improve handling, reduce cabin noise and improve crash safety. The body and body shell are 154 lbs lighter than conventional production using steel. And the new-generation C-Class will be 221 lbs lighter compared with the predecessor. The lighter new-generation model will be more fuel-efficient than the outgoing 2014 model. Mercedes says it will set the new standard in this segment.

This is all possible because Mercedes engineers made extensive use of aluminum in the new design. They also use hot-formed steel parts and ultra-high-strength steels which is an unusual combination in volume production vehicles.

Mercedes also made the new C-Class safer with the new body and body shell. Mercedes says the new saloon not only meets all current national safety ratings, but also the more stringent Mercedes-Benz requirements according to "Best Real Life Safety."

The cabin is surrounded with high and ultra-high-strength sheet steel and specifically developed deformation zones with optimized force dissipation paths in the front end and rear made out of an aluminum hybrid structure. The outer skin is made virtually entirely of aluminum contributing to a stronger and safer shell.

The new 2015 C-Class will also be more agile in the corners and have overall sportier driving dynamics. Mercedes upgraded the suspension with a newly designed four-link front axle, which provides excellent axle motion and contributes to the new dynamics. It will also come fitted with a standard steel suspension.

It will also be the first vehicle in this segment that can be fitted with an optional Airmatic air suspension on the front and rear axles. The new air suspension system uses electronically controlled, continuous variable damping to reduce rode noise and tire vibration inside the cabin. The driver will also be able to select the choice of different damper characteristics depending on road conditions.

The all-new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, along with a stunning new interior design, is getting lighter, more agile and will achieve higher fuel-mileage ratings. The new saloon will make it’s launch in the U.S. Fall 2014.

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