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2015 Mercedes C-Class higher class upgrades will appeal to high-tech generation

Mercedes-Benz will launch the new 2015 C-Class with new higher-class upgrades that will make the competition take notice.

Mercedes has released more information on the new European spec version of the 2015 C-Class and it’s coming with features that will intimidate the competition. Mercedes-Benz is launching the new 2015 C-Class next fall with upgrades that will make it feel like an upgrade to a higher-class. It will be built in the U.S. at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant and comes with a new cabin with a high-class high-tech feel. It gets a new touchpad and head-up display. Mercedes tells us it also features a new GPS-sensitive air conditioning to finish out the all-new interior.

Mercedes is all about innovation and they are launching the new 2015 C-Class with a host of new and unusual styling features to move it forward. The cabin will get high-tech upgrades that will appeal to those who grew up with technology and is synonymous with high-end smartphones. This will set the C-Class apart from the competition and it will appeal to a younger generation of buyers.

Mercedes released more information and tells us the new cabin will include a completely “reinterpreted” center console as the main focal point. It also gets a free-standing central display and new high-grade materials that will make the new C-Class feel like it’s in a new class. But the new innovative touchpad will appeal to buyers looking for technology they are used to using everyday.

The innovative touchpad was developed by Mercedes-Benz and gets it’s first introduction into the new 2015 C-Class. Just like with the smartphone, all the head-unit functions can easily be operated using finger gestures. Feedback from the sense of touch on the touchpad gives the user immediate feedback when operating the touchpad control surface.

And for those who have experienced a head-up display, know how useful the new C-Class information in the central head-up display will be to keep the driver from being distracted. But this unit will be more high-tech than anything currently on the market. Information like speed, speed limits, navigation instructions and messages from Distronic Plus will be projected over the hood around two meters into the driver’s field of vision. The driver will be able to adjust the high-resolution virtual image to their preferred settings.

The new 2015 Mercedes=Benz C-Class is going to make the competition take notice with its stunning remodel. Mercedes has a goal to be the number one luxury automaker in the world and new C-Class will play a major role around the globe as it appeals to a new high-tech generation of buyers. Come back tomorrow and we’ll give you more information on the new 2015 C-Class that will feature the lightest bodyshell in the segment, extensive safety features, and new agile suspension.