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How a Subaru Crosstrek Tackles Deep Snow; It’s Where Other Crossovers get Stuck [Video]

How does the Subaru Crosstrek tackle deep snow? It’s where other crossovers get stuck [Video]

When many are dreaming of a warm day on the race track in the winter months, you’ll find Subaru owners dreaming of a snow-covered field to do snow drifts. That’s what Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained shows in the video below; How the Subaru Crosstrek handles in deep snow. When other crossovers are getting stuck in the white stuff, Subarus are powering their way up the hill. All you need is a good set of Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires and the Crosstrek.

Subaru is known for their all-wheel-drive vehicles and you’ll find many in cold-weather states and even more in the Rocky Mountains. The Crosstrek has a go-anywhere attitude, and the crossover is purpose-designed for snowy conditions. Jason, who owns a Crosstrek, does a good job of describing how the Subaru Crosstrek’s all-wheel-drive system works, especially in deep snow conditions.

How does it work?

Crosstrek’s Symmetrical AWD system uses a purely mechanical viscous coupling in the center that nominally splits torque 50/50, but will divert power to the axle with more traction if a wheel starts to slip. Jason explains how the Crosstrek has open differentials in the front and rear, that feature a "Limited Slip Device" (called LSD by Subaru) which brakes the slipping wheel to help send more torque to the wheel that has traction for greater acceleration.

Because the Subaru Crosstrek has 8.7-inches of ground clearance, the vehicle can handle deep snow without getting stuck. It’s ideal for those living in the mountains and high country where snowfall is measured in feet not inches.

Check out How Does The Subaru Crosstrek Handle Snow? video

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My first Subaru is a 2018 Crosstrek. I live in Wisconsin where snow is common in the winter. I am SORELY disappointed in my CrossTrek! It only has 10k miles. We had a relatively dry December, with not much snow. January hit and the snow came with it. My CrossTrek, after one pretty heavy snow, started to shimmy on the highway. I thought I had a flat tire, so pulled over and looked, no flat. I checked the wheel wells, but didn't really notice anything. I kicked off what I could, got back on the highway. Started to shake again. I didn't feel comfortable being on the highway. I got home and looked again, saw nothing. My husband assured me that there was prob. snow up in there and it would warm in the next couple of days and would melt and probably be fine. Well, I only notice this at higher speeds, mostly drive in town. Sure enough, wasn't even thinking about it, took my son for a college visit, get up on the highway and there is the shimmy again! Uggg... Pulled over, could visibly see the snow build up now, got my ice scraper and tried to dislodge. Didn't budge. Frustrating. What an inconvenience! After the polar vortex left the area, went to the car wash to try to loosen it. Nope. Got a piece of re-bar from our garage and jabbed at it for about 15-20 minutes. I've lived in Wiscosnin all my life and have never had to do this with the snow! Kick off the build up every now and then, sure. Not this! Well, there's snow cover everywhere around here and you guessed it....snow is built up again. Probably going to trade in this vehicle that is supposed to be for the great outdoors!
I have had a 2018 Crosstrek since May 2018. I am very pleased with the winter performance of the car eecept for the build up of Ice/show on the stock wheels. To remedy this, after drivi e thru deep snow, I spray windshield deicer ont the inside of the huds. This works wonders for me. I have had my Crosstrek out on some poorly maintained seasonal roads and it does well, but I always make sure it is something my car can handle or I have help if it is iffy.