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How Johnny Manziel's Wrecked Nissan GT-R Mirrors His Career

Johnny Manziel is in the news again. This time his Nissan GT-R gets wrecked. Like his career?

Johnny Manziel may not be making good decisions with his life, but he did buy a cool car. He owns a 2015 Nissan GT-R. But his car just got wrecked in Dallas recently. Now his car is wrecked, just like his pro football career. According to a report by TMZ Sports, the former Cleveland Brown’s quarterback says he was the victim of a “brutal” hit-and-run crash.

TMZ Sports says, Manziel's rep, Denise Michaels, told them, "Johnny told me his car was T-boned and the driver just rode away right after. He reported it to police.” The police have corroborated the story and say Manziel claims he has a witness from his car and an impartial witness who can verify his story.

This time the NFL star was lucky

Manziel's high-performance Nissan GTR sustained enough damage to the driver's side of the car, that it set off the driver’s side air bags. The report says the high-profile NFL player was not hurt and didn’t sustain any serious injuries. The car can be repaired. What about Manziel's career?

The Nissan GT-R is a sports car that just seems to attract attention wherever it goes. It may not be the best car for the former Cleveland Brown’s quarterback who seems to have an issue with partying and drinking. It’s a deadly combination that could cost him his life. Now both his 2015 Nissan GT-R and his career are wrecked.

Source: TMZ Sports

Image source: Nissan