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Here’s How to Reset Your Confusing Nissan 370Z Maintenance Light

Why does Nissan make the 370Z maintenance oil light reset so difficult? Check out the video that will show you how.

Many Nissan 370Z owners have changed the oil but can’t figure out how to get the warning light off. The maintenance or service interval light on a 2016-2017 Nissan 370Z is located in the menu settings of the display to the left of the tachometer. But many 370Z owners want to know how to reset it.

Nissan gives instructions how to reset the oil maintenance light in their 2016 Service and Maintenance Guide, but it can be confusing. In the video below J & M Transmissions show you how to reset the oil light on your 370Z. If you are like many people, it’s hard to understand directions, and it’s much easier when you see it done. If you are a visual learner this video might help.

The guy from J & M Transmissions even had a hard time resetting the maintenance interval oil light. He says, “Obviously, I didn’t do it perfect that time, you just have to mess around with it, because it’s kind of confusing.” When you watch it a couple times, it’s easier to figure out.

Watch How To Reset Maintenance Oil Light on your 2016-2017 Nissan 370Z. Hopefully the video is useful to you. Good Luck!

Photo credit: J & M Transmissions