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Here’s How Nissan Picks the Pocket of Mitsubishi in 2017

Last year, Nissan acquired 34 percent of Mitsubishi. In 2017, they will pick their pocket and pull out a new plug-in hybrid.

When Nissan acquired 34 percent of Mitsubishi, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on their plug-in hybrid technology. It won’t take Nissan long to pick their pocket. Mitsubishi’s popular Outlander SUV already has plug-in hybrid technology and Nissan wants it. Look for Nissan to pick Mitsubishi’s pocket in 2017 and transfer the technology to a new Nissan plug-in-hybrid.

The news comes from a report from Auto Express who talked to Takashi Shirakawa, Nissan’s European R&D boss. He told them Nissan’s new plug-in hybrid could share technology with Mitsubishi’s best-selling Outlander PHEV. He told Auto Express UK, “We welcome Mitsubishi Motors into the Nissan family, and they already have the Outlander PHEV. The next-generation product range may be shared with that, but this is just the beginning of the discussion as nothing has been decided yet.”

Nissan could use the Qashqai platform

It’s also been reported that the award-winning Nissan Qashqai could be imported into the U.S. market for the first time. Nissan could use the small crossover for their new plug-in hybrid technology acquired from Mitsubishi who has been testing the Outlander PHEV in extreme conditions. The technology has held up under the harsh race conditions in the Australasian Safari cross-country rally.

Nissan will pick Mitsubishi’s pocket in 2017 and begin developing their own plug-in hybrid vehicle. It could be a new small crossover like the Nissan Qashqai that’s been a big hit in Europe. More changes are coming for Nissan with the Mitsubishi partnership. Look for a new Nissan plug-in hybrid soon. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Nissan