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Audi introducing four new diesels to the U.S. in 2013 [updated]

Audi has announced they will be offering four new 2014 TDI diesel models to the U.S. market next year, the 2014 Audi A8, A7, A6 and Q5.


Audi of America announced today the arrival of four new TDI clean diesel models for the 2014 Audi A8, 2014 A7, 2014 A6 and 2014 Q5 lineup. Audi will unveil the four new models at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. This will be the first time Audi will feature a full lineup of TDI clean diesel vehicles in the U.S. as they join the updated 2013 Q7 model. You can see the 2014 Audi TDI family in the video below released from Audi. Europe has had the clean diesel technology for decades and the German automaker has made the commitment to spend the money to get U.S. certification. It’s an expensive process, and it shows that Audi believes Americans are ready to buy the efficient engines.

Audi will introduce the new Audi A8, A7, A6, Q5 and an updated Q7 with the new TDI 3.0 liter V6. The new 3.0 liter TDI diesel engine generates 240 horsepower and 406 lb.-ft. of torque and sprints from 0-60 in 6.4 seconds. Audi says their TDI vehicles will deliver up to 30% better fuel economy and 30% lower carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline engines. Diesels have been known to be more fuel efficient and provide more power than a typical gasoline powerplant. The German automakers have taken the lead in bringing fuel-efficient diesels to the U.S., even though other manufacturers offer the technology around the globe.

Based on the current Audi A3 TDI and Q7 TDI vehicles, Audi says, “Owners of Audi TDI engines have helped save over 4 million gallons of gasoline, or the equivalent of more than 240,000 barrels of foreign oil, since the introduction of Audi TDI to the U.S. in 2009,” said Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. ” And, TDI technology delivers better fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.”

2014 Audi TDI technology

The Audi A8 is the flagship of the brand, and the new 2014 A8 TDI will achieve an EPA estimated 24/city 36/highway mpg. The TDI offering expands the current engine offerings from two variants (4.2 liter V8 and W12) to six, including: the entry level A8 3.0T V6; the 420 horsepower A8 4.0T V8; the new Audi S8 4.0T V8; the A8 6.0 liter W12; and the new A8 3.0 TDI V6.

The 2014 Audi A7 TDI clean diesel will make the luxury sedan even more fuel efficient than ever. The TDI clean diesel engine will help all four new Audi models to experience a longer range and fewer trips to the fuel pump. By having more density than gasoline, diesel packs more energy content in the same amount of fuel, which helps maximize the miles per gallon when that energy is released during a more powerful combustion cycle.

The TDI clean diesel engine lineup adds to Audi’s list of advanced technologies that help enhance fuel efficiency. Those technologies include Audi’s ultra lightweight technology, such as the use of aluminum, and the AFS frame technology. The new TDI clean diesel engine marks the fourth engine variant for the Audi Q5 model lineup, adding to the current four-cylinder 2.0T, the 3.0T V6, and the Q5 hybrid. The Audi Q7 will offer impressive fuel economy with an EPA estimated 19 city/ 28 highway miles per gallon. Audi estimates the efficient TDI clean diesel engine enables the Q7 TDI to achieve a range in excess of 700 miles per tank.

2014 TDI Diesel availability

The 2014 Audi A8 TDI will be available in spring 2013 with the 2014 A7 TDI, 2014 A6 TDI and 2014 Q5 TDI available in fall 2013. Pricing for all 2014 TDI Diesel models to be announced at a later date. The 2013 Audi Q7 TDI is available now with a strating MSRP of $52,000.

It’s nice to see Audi taking the lead in offering diesel engine technology to the U.S. market for their entire lineup. Maybe we will see other automakers step up and make a similar commitment by getting their engines certified here in the U.S. Look for the new 2014 Audi A8, A7, A6, Q5 TDI models and an updated 2013 Q7 to make their debut in LA.

Check out the 2014 Audi TDI family video below: