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Another Huge Recall For Subaru Forester And Crosstrek is Coming

Subaru announced another global recall for certain Forester and Crosstrek models is coming for suspension and engine problems. See if your vehicle is on the list.

Subaru Corporation is being hit with another large global recall that will affect Forester SUV and Crosstrek crossover models. The report from the Japan Times says the recall has been issued for Japan spec models that will number 81,343 cars and will then be another large global recall that will include 760,000 units worldwide.

The report says the 2013-2018 model year Subaru Forester models and 2013-2018 Crosstrek (XV outside the U.S.) are being recalled due to faulty rear suspension springs and also engine valves that can fail. The Forester and Crosstrek models being recalled were manufactured between March 2013 and October 2018.

2016 Subaru Forester
2016 Subaru Forester

The Forester models have a “design glitch” in the rear suspension springs that may corrode and break, according to the Japan Transport Ministry. Both Forester and Crosstrek engine valves have durability issues possibly causing their engines to stall. There have been 375 cases reported so far that are related to the suspension and engine defects.

This seems to be a similar problem that effected 2008-2013 Forester SUV, Crosstrek, Impreza and BRZ sports coupe models that were recalled for a flaw in the design of the valve springs in the vehicle’s FB20 2.0-liter Boxer engine late last year. Those models were manufactured between June 2008, through January 2013.

2016 Subaru Crosstrek
2016 Subaru Crosstrek

This new recall starts in Japan and will expand to U.S. models, Australia, Europe, and Asian models. Subaru of America has not issued a recall yet, and there is no announcement yet from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

What should 2013-2018 Subaru Forester and Crosstrek owners do? It’s likely Subaru will be recalling these same model year Forester and Crosstrek models with the FB20 2.0-liter Boxer engine in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Stay tuned and Torque News will give you a report as soon as the official announcement has been made.

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Whatever makes you happy. Hyundais have their problems as well. I can't speak for Foresters but I can tell you that a high-trim Outback is an incredible car. If Subaru would just get their suppliers under control and quit buying defective parts it would be one of the best cars in the world.
Sure blame someone else, have you seen the sheet metal on the newer Outback, 3 sheets of foil is thicker, dents on door skins are a common sight on new Subaru cars. Poor paint jobs and lack of soundproofing These are not a supplier issue. Also poorly designed bearings and axle shafts (with the excuse they save fuel) is the result of designing a car as cheaply as possible. Even the Subaru AWD system is "so outdated".. others using the Haldex type traction systems with today's fast CPU's and electronics make the Subaru Symmetrical AWD a waste of fuel in good weather, adds to much weight to the car, and takes away cargo and leg room. If you want 4WD off road go with a Jeep, it will probably be in the shop less than a newer Subaru. I do still like Impreza, WRX and Forester that were built before 2008.
Well well. This news is very interesting. Get this: I received a letter in the mail recently describing how I could trade up my 2013, orange "Julius", Crosstrek with payments remaining virtually unchanged. The dealer letter went on to say my model year was in high demand and that dealers couldn't keep the model on the lot because everyone wants one. In response to the letter, I thought to myself, hmmm. This sounds fishy; wonder if another recall is coming.....BAZINGA. What a coincidence don't you think?
You have payments left on a 2013 ? My wife’s vw dealer sends us these letters too. They’re basically telling you that you could get a new model (usually low end version of what you have) trade in and have a similar monthly payment on a new loan. This, of course, is excellent for the dealer!
Thanks. I have a 2015 Forester Touring, and this is one of the most useful things that I've read here. I have had my engine "small block" replaced free of charge due to what I measured as minor oil consumption. 1 quart every 3000mi. They did a test and then did the work for free. It was awesome. Work has 12mo warranty. I welcome the attentive recalls. For those put off by these recalls, I have friends' whose non-Subarus have more serious oil consumption issues (Acura MDX and Dodge Durango) and their dealers are not helping them.
Maybe you mean kilometers not miles. First Subaru said all oil consumption was "normal" then after a class action suit they said they would replace the piston rings if oil consumption was more than 1 quart in 1,000 miles. To my knowledge no manufacturer has ever said 3,000mi/qt is excessive. Maybe your dealer is the exception.
You got the oil problem fixed because of a class action law suite. SOA was ordered to fix it. I was a big Subaru fan (owned 3) up until I bought a 2014 CVT Crosstrek, 2 axle shafts, 2 wheel bearings, AC compressor and condenser, engine idler pulleys, oil burning, CVT shudder and broken seats/interior parts all before 70K miles (thousands in repairs). I'm glade I sold it before some parts changer in training ripped apart my engine for the valve recall.
You have to be pretty dumb to buy any new Subaru. Their game plan has always been overpriced spare parts and over-serviced mileage repairs. If you stick to the older Foresters for instance, and you do the simple servicing you won't have any surprises. We are on our 7th Subaru since 1987.
Glad that we bought a 2012 Outback. 100% bullet proof for 7 years, including at times towing a 3,000 pound utility trailer. It has lived on synthetic oil since the first change, drank regular unleaded and even a couple of times the tire chains were needed. It would be very hard to show anything except the poor base response in the radio.
Wish my 2012 Forester was like yours. I'm on my 3rd excessive oil consumption event. Recall. New engine. 15 months later another leak. $2500. We negotiated labor only. 18 months later another leak. Dealer not returning my call.
I have a 2012 Forester that is now on its 3rd excessive oil consumption event. 1st time engine replaced under recall. 2 nd time, after only 15 months, we negotiated paying labor only; at present, 18 months after 2 nd event, dealer hasn't returned my call after a week. Where do I turn?
I have a 1999 Subaru Forester with 210k miles. Just changed the spark plugs, fuel filter and pcv valve. Took me a little over 2 hours to complete, and cost me less than fifty bucks in genuine Subaru parts. My EJ25 engine runs as strong as ever. I wouldn't trade my 1999 for any of these new models.
How about the ej25# engines between 2006 -2015 that have catastrophic big end failure at a cost of total engine replacement. I have owned 6 Subarus, and though I love how they drive just can't trust them anymore
Subaru is starting to make Jeep look good.
I'm interested to see where this recall goes. My '17 MT forester has been having some problems for the past few months. Some (what I can only describe as) flubbering noises going around curves and accelerating, battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore (alternator issues?), and now I'm driving the 1,200 miles needed for my oil consumption test. My dealer has been pretty transparent with the problems these models have been having, but this is the first I've heard of suspension issues. Sort of hoping mine falls under the recall so I can have this all taken care of past the $69 oil change I had to pay for to start the consumption test. (This, after I took it back and made them re-do it since they overfilled my car with oil the first time - trying to mask the excessive consumption readings??) All I can do is sigh. My older '99 forester has almost 300k miles and just needed head gaskets this past weekend. Seems like I should have stuck with that one instead...
My car shakes when I break - brakes are fine but they have some use. Dealer said that this is normal? Really
The bent axle, warped rotor feel when braking is normal for a Subaru CVT. By normal I will say even if Subaru replaces the CVT the replacements will do the same. They also shudder when excelling from a stop and sometimes surge men stopped. When looking for another car one of my requirements was NO CVT and no turbo. I bought a small SUV with a conventional 6 speed automatic transmission and N/A 181 HP engine, smooth quiet ride, plenty of power and highway (27) MPG (60-70 MPH) same as the slug Crosstrek I traded.