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7 Small SUVs With The Most Cargo Room - Subaru Forester Is Now 3rd Best

How much cargo and luggage space does the 2022 Subaru Forester have? See how the Forester compares with other small SUVs in an updated study.


Does the 2022 Subaru Forester have the most cargo and luggage room in the compact SUV segment? SUV shoppers needing a vehicle to carry sports equipment, luggage, and cargo have many choices, but which models have the most usable cargo space? Consumer Reports ranks the best and found the Forester now ranks third overall.

According to the latest study from Consumer Reports, some compact SUVs have narrow, short, or oddly shaped rear hatch openings and don't have the most usable space. It's not total cubic feet, but the volume enclosed by the SUV's rear box gives consumers a better idea of the cargo you can fit in the back and still get the hatch door closed.

2022 Subaru Forester features, specs, pricing, cargo room

To make the Consumer Reports list, vehicles must come with active safety technology and get the highest safety scores. The 2022 Forester recently earned a Top Safety Pick+ award from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Last year, the 2022 Forester ranked number two overall in cargo space. In the updated study, the Subaru Forester now has the third most functional cargo-carrying ability. CR says, "We measured Forester's generous cargo space at 36.5 cubic feet. Loading items in the back is easy, thanks to the low lift-over and wide opening. With the rear seatbacks folded down, it can accommodate bulky items, including a bike with both wheels attached."

2022 Subaru Forester features, specs, pricing, cargo room

The seven best compact SUVs with the most cargo space

CR scored the Hyundai Tucson number one with 39 cubic feet of usable cargo space. The Kia Sportage is second with 38 cubic ft. The third best is the 2022 Subaru Forester, with 36.5 cubic feet. They are followed by the Nissan Rogue (36 cu ft), Honda CR-V (36.0 cu ft), Mazda CX-50 (34 cu ft), and Volvo XC60 (34 cu ft).

Small SUV shoppers want more cargo space

A recent study by Kelton revealed more than three-quarters (76 percent) of drivers had experienced difficulties trying to fit what they wanted to bring along into their vehicle.

Many respondents have had issues with cargo space, saying the top items they wish they had enough room for include camping or sporting equipment (63 percent), luggage (46 percent), and even space to take their pets on road trips (29 percent). Ten percent even said they missed out on a road trip because they didn't have enough space for all their gear.

What is the 2022 Forester price?

The 2022 Forester comes in six trim levels; The Base Forester starts at $27,070, Premium ($30,070), Sport ($31,640), Limited ($33,750), new Wilderness ($34,695), and Touring ($37,170). Pricing includes destination and delivery fees ($1,175).

Subaru touts the Forester for its standard all-wheel-drive, extra ground clearance, and "go-anywhere" capabilities. Consumer Reports says the 2022 Subaru Forester is ranked one of the top three compact SUVs for fitting all your gear in the back and offers near the most usable cargo volume.

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César Mario AL… (not verified)    July 17, 2022 - 1:26PM

Mi padre, que hoy cuenta ya 89 años de saludable vida, tiene una Subaru Forester desde hace 23 años, con 300.000 Km. aproximadamente. Está en excelentes condiciones. Tuvo un excelente servicio de mantenimiento y atención al cliente en Montevideo, Uruguay. Él aún tiene permiso para conducir y la usa asiduamente en recorridos cortos. No la cambia por nada, salvo, por otra Subaru, pero a su edad dice que ya no tiene pretensiones. Subaru es una marca que destaca por su calidad y durabilidad, excelente respaldo técnico que solo usa repuestos originales de fábrica. Recomendable para todos los climas y latitudes.